Shanghai Disneyland Park

Welcome to the magic world

Entrance ticket

From June2018,the price of entrance ticket is divided into three diffferent types:

1) 399RMB/person for ordinary days.

2) 575RMB/person for specific days,including summer hodiday,weekends,and most of festivals in China.

3)  665RNB/person for National Day and Spring Festival period.

Recommend visiting hours: One day

Opening hours: 8:00am - 22:00pm

Address:Chuansha New Town,Pudong New District,Shanghai,China

Overview of Shanghai Disneyland Park

Actually I would say Shanghai is a magic city,it  has turned itself from a poor fishing village on the bank of the East China Sea into a prosperous international metropolis which is regarded as“Oriental Paris".

迪士尼乐园.jpgTravel to Shanghai,Most importantly, I highly recommend that you should spend one full day in the magic world by visiting Shanghai Disney Resort.

 It is ideal, but it is also real.The dream-like castle and gardens will ignite your dream and free your imagination with a world of creativity and freedom.

Shanghai Disneyland Park is the second Disney theme park in China,the first theme park in mainland ,the third theme park in Asia and the sixth theme park in the world,which opened on June 16,2016 in chuansha new town,pudong district,Shanghai.

The main attractions in Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park enjoys seven theme parks:Mickey Street,Fantasy Garden,Adventure Island,Treasure Bay,Tomorrowland, Dream World and Toy Story. 

★mickey street

Mickey street is served with all kinds of shops  and restaurants ,from the moment you enter here,you will feelthe happy atmosphere of Shanghai Disneyland Park,and enter various theme parks that full of advanture,dream and ect.

★fantasy garden

幻想曲旋转木马.jpgThe garden celebrates the wonders of  nature and the pleasure of imagination,it includes seven gardens with diferent styles--"twelve friends garden","music and pleasure garden","romance garden","bilin garden",'myrtles garden","fantasia garden" and "fairy tale castle garden",which respectively present the themes of family affection,friendshio and  happiness.Each garden is full of instresting activities,colourful landscape design and happy photo opportunities.


At the entrance of the Shanghai Disneyland Park ,a bronze statue of Disney founder Walt Disney and mickey show the warmest welcome to people who come to the Shanghai Disneyland Park. 

Dream  world

Inspired by the Disney theme film ,then designed the largest part of Shanghai Disneyland Park- the "Dream World",the magnificent "fantasy fairy tale"is located in it. Both young people and tourists with young minds are immersed in this part to witness the birth and perpetuation of the fairy tale.                                                              


Jingcaiqihang will travel across the water and visit the Dream World.Fountains and sculptures of joy line the water's edge,celebrating classic stories of magic and fanstasy that inspire dreams and fantasies.

Performance of bingxueqiyuan.jpg

Performance of Bingxueqiyuan

In this theatre,audiences will share stiries,sing songs and ecceperience interactive performance ofice and snogs and exceperience interactive performance of ice and snow filled with joy,along with friends from frozen and the villages of arendelle.

★Disney fairy-tale  castle

disney castle.jpgDisney fairy-tale castle is not only the tallest building in Shanghai Disneyland Park,but also the tallest,largest and most interactive disney castle in the world.It is the most strking landmark in the park .Located in the heart of Shanghai Disneyland Park ,the magnificent "fantasy fairy-tale castle"provides visitors with a variety of immersive exceperiecnce:popular"colourfuo changing salon" for children,and other shopping and entertainment facilities.Unlike any other disney castle  just built for a princess,the fantasy fairy-tale castle will be the first to feature every princess born from Disney stories.

★Light show

light show.jpgLighe show in Shanghai Disneyland Park starts from 8:00pm-8:30pm,and it will last  for 20 about miuntes,the laser and fireworks on hand in the photograph reflect the grandeur of the show,to paint the world's largest Disneyland castle walls reflect an amazing new world of colouir and movement.This is a journey that nelightens everyone's imagination and dreams.

★Advanture island 

advanture island.jpg

The advanture island will take visitors into newly discovered ancient tribal aecrets and hidden treasures.And the towering leiming mountain is the birthplace of an ancient legend.

★Leiming mountain rafting 

Lleiming mountain rafting.jpgeiming mountain rafting is a small part of advanture island.The thrilling rafting will take tourists deep[ into the "advanture island" hinterland.The raft down the water ,led the people through the unknown advanture,into the dark cave,explore the ancient tribal legends and mysterious crawling beast secret.Only those who vanture into the mountains can meet the mystetrious reptile which size just like a bus ,and even smell it's special breath.

The weather of Shanghai Disneyland Park

Shanghai Disneyland Park has a martime climate with four distinct seasons,abundant precipitation,sufficient sunshine and moderate temperature.Climate change is obvious in four seasons of the year. The five days' average temperature is  10℃(50℉) ~ 22℃(71.6℉) are divided into spring and autumn, summer when  the temperature is higher than 22℃(71.6℉), and winter when the temperature is lower than 10℃(50℉). The climate of the town is obviously regulated by the ocean,in  summer daytime is very  hot but night is so  cool, in winter daytime is  warm but  night si cold. Extreme high temperature above 35℃(95℉) for 5 days; The average temperature is below 0℃(32℉) for 41 days, more than 260 days with the moderate temperature, and 6 days with the extreme minimum temperature below -5 ℃(23℉). In January and February, the coldest months, the average temperature is 3.2℃(37.76℉) and 4.4℃(39.92℉) respectively. The hottest months in July and August, the average temperature is 27.4℃(81.32℉).


1) By subway

You can take the line 11 directly to the Shanghai Disneyland Park.

2) By bus

Take the pudong bus No.50,51,52 , get off at the Disneyland Park station and then go into the park.