Transportation of Shanghai

Various Transportations of Shanghai 

The 144-hour visa-free transit policy makes Shanghai a more convenient destination for transiting and short stay passengers.What's more,it offfers direct international flights to some European and US cities,So Shanghai is usually chosen as the gateway city to start a China vacation.

Get to/away from Shanghai

Shanghai is a major gateway city to most tourist cities in China with convenient transportations including flights、maglev and bullet trains,it's also very easy to access other tourist cities.

Internatoional Airport 

Shanghai is a big modern city, ranks the second-largest international air hub in China, served by two international airports,the one-Pudong International Airport(airport code:PVG)is primarily used for international flights. There are flights to/from over 90 international cities and over 60 domestic cities in this airport, connecting almost every part of the world and China. Pudong Airport has two main passenger terminals: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Besides hallway path, you can also use the free shuttle bus to transfer between them.

Transfer Tips:Pudong International Airport is 30km from city center, maglev, shuttle bus, taxi and subway to/from downtown are all available. It takes 55 minutes by taxi from airport to city center. The maglev train (Pudong Airport - Longyang Road Station) currently connects the airport to Shanghai's subway system but if you're not staying in Pudong, it is faster and wiser to take a taxi.

Domestic flights

Hongqiao International Airport(airport code: SHA)mainly serves domestic flights. That is, more than 35 domestic airlines and 20 foreign airlines now use the airport.

Transfer Tips: If you're arriving from within China, you will land at Hongqiao Airport which is about 25 minutes (13km) from the city center on the western side of Shanghai. It is easily accessible by taxi, subway and shuttle bus. Taxis are the best option to get to and from Hongqiao International Airport. Besides, it is 40km away from Pudong International Airport. If your flights are in different airports, better set aside enough time for transfer.

Bullet Train

Rail is a wonderful way to travel. There are usually several classes on trains and sleepers on overnight routes. Shanghai has three major passenger train stations connecting it to rail system throughout China. They are Shanghai Railway Station, Shanghai South Railway Station, and Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station.

Shanghai Railway Station is the largest railway station in Shanghai, running the majority of regular trains to/from 70 domestic large and middle-sized cities.

Shanghai South Railway Station operates short distance trains to/from southern Jiangsu and Zhejiang province and places in South China.

Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station is mainly for high-speed trains. There are 11 bullet trains (including G-trains and D-trains) departing from Hongqiao Railway Station, and they go to Wuhan, Nanjing, Beijing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Kunming, Chizhou (Mount Jiuhua), Ningbo, Hefei, Hankou, and so on. Besides, from Hongqiao Station, you could take the Fuxing trains to Beijing West Station for about only 4.5 hours (6 daily trains during about 07:00 ~ 19:00), take the bullet train G1912 at about 06:17 to Lanzhou for about 10.5 hours, and take the bullet trains to Zhengzhou for about 4-5.5 hours (21 daily trains during 06:15 ~ 19:05) and to Kaifeng for about 4.5 hours (4 daily trains during 06:15 ~ 16:25).

Sightseeing in Shanghai

Shanghai has a highly developed transportation system for inner-city travel. You could go to many major sights by subway, city common bus or taxi. You can also take coach to get around Shanghai to its neighboring cities.

By Subway

Shanghai now has almost 14 metro lines on operation (till 2016). The multiple lines connect almost main airports, railway stations, and coach terminals, attractions, such as the Bund, Nanjing Road, Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden, Oriental Pearl Tower and main areas together, making it very easy for both local Shanghai people and visitors.

By Maglev Train

Shanghai as a super modern city has the world fastest train. With its highest speed of 430 km/h, you can get to Shanghai downtown with only 8 min from Pudong International Airport. It is really excited to try this.

By Taxi

Taking a taxi in Shanghai is convenient. It charges RMB 14 for the first 3 km, and RMB 2.5 for every subsequent kilometer within 15 km, and RMB 3.8 for every subsequent kilometer if over 15 km.

Get Around Shanghai

By Coach

There are two main long distance bus stations in Shanghai. Coaches depart from Shanghai heading along the east coast to Suzhou, Hangzhou, Nanjing and other cities. The main bus stations in Shanghai are Shanghai Long-Distance General Bus Station and Hutai Long-distance Bus Station.

By High-speed Train

Today, people tend to take the G-train/D-train to get to its neighboring cities (Hangzhou, Suzhou, Huangshan & Nanjing) instead of coach. Such as:

Shanghai Hangzhou High Speed Trains: about 140 daily trains (G trains & D trains)/for around 1 hour;

Shanghai Suzhou High Speed Trains: about 200 daily trains (G trains & D trains)/for around 0.5 hour;

Shanghai Huangshan High Speed Trains: about 12 daily trains (G trains & D trains)/for around 2.5 ~ 3.5 hours;

Shanghai Nanjing High Speed Trains: about 230 daily trains (G trains & D trains)/for around 1.5 ~ 2 hours.

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