Jiuzhaigou Shopping Guide(2) - Artware

Tangka Drawing

唐卡.jpgA treasure of Tibetan art, it is painted with mineral and plant pigments.
Tangka (a Tibetan word meaning 'silk, satin or cloth painting scroll') have been in vogue in Tibet for centuries, but no one knows when and where they evolved. In Tibetan, 'tang' means 'unfolding' or 'displaying'. Tangka is created with the intention of showing the painting art to the public. This shows the importance of frescos, rock paintings and painting scrolls. Archaeologists who found pottery bearing patterns in the Karub Site dating back some 5,000 years came to the conclusion they were the embryo of the Tibetan painting art. The content of most Thangka is mainly the images of Buddha, or reflection of lift stories of eminent monks and folk customs. The structure of Tibet Thangka is precise, balanced, plumpy and changeful. The painting methods are mainly bright color and line drawing. 
The types of Thangka are very multifarious. Except colorful drawing Thangka, there are also breded Thangka, pasted-embroidered Thangka, leather thread Thangka, applique Thangka, and pearl Thangka., etc.

Tibetan Knives

The Tibetan knife is essential to Tibetan people's life. It also has high art value as a form of ethnic handcraft with a longstanding good reputation at home and abroad.藏刀.jpgThe typical Tibetan knives of the Xigaze area are from Lhaze and Xietoinmen, which has become a very fashionable souvenir or gift for tourists to take home. The shinning bright knife is a completely handmade of high quality steel.

There are three sorts of knives: long, short, and small, measuring about over 1meter, 40cm, or just over 10cm in length respectively.
If talking in shapes, there are pastoral area style, kamba style, and the Xigaze area style.

Knives are widely used for chopping down trees, for butchery, or even for the open-air burial.

Tibetan Paper
It is made from the roots of Herba Gelsemii Elegantis, a local plant containing poisonous ingredients that can keep moth and mice away.
藏纸.jpgWith special hand-only techniques of six courses, the paper has such good durability that it could be long preserved. That's why it usually serves as the principal writing material for Buddhist scriptures and sutras.

Tibetan joss stick
Tibetan joss stick is a kind of good tourist souvenirs. Tibetan use them for prayer,藏香.jpg exorcising and in all religious activities. With flavor Honesty, Tibetan joss stick can not only for clothing fragrance, but also for bristletail defense in wardrobe. Some of them also have special ingredients to combat infectious diseases and epidemics.


Delicately homemade by local women, it is of strong ethnic feature, often done on藏绣.jpg handbags, hats and wall hangings.


There are bone, wood, stone, jade and horn carvings. You may sometimes find valuable antiques of carving in Jiuzhaigou.


They are mainly jadeware, cat's eye, crystal, Turkey stone, 藏宝石.jpgemerald, and coral.

 Souvenirs and mementos of strong ethnic coloring are sold at the Tour Service Center of Shuzheng Village and Nuorilang, as well as at the Tour Service Center at the Jiuzhaigou Entrance and Pengfeng Township.

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