Guilin Travel Guide

  • Attractions to See in Guilin

Guilin, the most famous tourist city in China has won its fame many years ago for the numerous attractions in Guilin city proper and nearby counties, including Li River, Elephant Trunk Hill, Reed Flute Cave, Two Rivers and Four Lakes, and Fubo Hill in Guilin City; The Yulong River, Ten-Mile Gallery, Xianggong Mountain, West Street, Xingping Ancient Town, Silver Cave, the big Banyan Tree and Moon Hill in Yangshuo; Longji Rice Terraces in Longsheng; Lingqu canal in Xingan; Huashan Rock Art in Zuojiang, Wind and Rain Bridge in Chengyang. All of the places above are worth visiting.

  • Things to do in Guilin.

Besides enjoying the stunning scenery in Guilin, you have a lot to do, including both indoor and outdoor activities: Hiking along Li River, Yulong River or Longji Rice Terraces; Having a leisure time enjoying the nightlife at West Street at Yangshuo or watching Impression Sanjie Liu in Guilin; Biking or taking sightseeing bus at Yangshuo countryside where you can see the big banyan tree and moon hill within the Ten-mile Gallery; Taking awesome photos at Xianggong mountain; Trying the Bamboo rafting along Li River or Yulong River; Getting to know Chinese culture by having Chinese Food Cooking Class, Calligraphy Class and Taichi Class. There are always more in Guilin for you to explore! 

  • Li River Cruise

The waterway distance of Li River is about 83km. To visit Li River, you can hire a private motorized bamboo raft from Guilin to Yangshuo, or you can go to take a cruise ship along Li River. Considering about your travelling security and comfortableness. We recommend you the later one. Usually, it takes about 4.5 hours to finish one ride. The serving piers for 3-star cruise ship are Boarding/Disembark pier: Guilin Mopanshan Dock and Longtoushan Dock , while the piers for 4-star cruise ship are Zhujiang Dock in Guilin and Shuidongmen Dock. Please note there is no direct bus commuting between Guilin city center and the Piers. For those independent travelers, you can only get to the pier by taxi, which may cost you about 100 RMB. If you book the cruise ticket from a travel agency or hotel agent, they will charge you ¥35/person as car fees and guide service fees. Usually the tourist bus will pick you up at your hotel. >> Learn More about Li River Cruise

  • Taking photos at Guilin

The best time for photography in Guilin is from March to October, during the early morning or late afternoon. It’s the time you can witness the essence of landscapes in Guilin, with golden rape flowers blooming along the biking route; yellow-tinted rice terraces fields lying on Longsheng; wavy karst mountains and their reflections; rosy sunrise and marvelous sunset upon Li River; shimmering fishing lights in the mist of dawn. The top recommended photography locations are: Nine Horses Fresco Hill; Ten-Mile Gallery, Xianggong Mountain, Yellow Cloth Shoal (20 RMB note scene), Li River, Laozhai Hill, Zhuobi Peak, and Shutong Hill.>>Learn More about Guilin Photography Tour

  • Entrance fee for attractions in Guilin.

The following is the entrance fee information of different Guilin attractions for you reference: 3-Star Li River Cruise - 215 RMB; 4-Star Li River Cruise - 360~480 RMB; Elephant Trunk Hill - 55 RMB; Reed Flute Cave - 100 RMB; Big Banyan Tree - 20 RMB; Moon Hill - 15 RMB; Longsheng Rice Terraces - 100 RMB, the ticket for cable car - 70 RMB (One Way) & 120 RMB (Round Trip); Huashan Rock Art - 82 RMB; Lingqu Canal - 55 RMB. Since the ticket price always changes from time to time, please do not hesitate to contact us to get the updated information.

  • Packing List for  Guilin Travel

Packing list thoughts for your reference: 1) Batteries and Phone; 2) Chargers, power packs and international adaptors; 3) Medicine: cold medicine, pain killer, etc; 4) Mosquito repellent (a must in summer); 5) Change of clothes; windproof/waterproof clothes; 6)Western sizes are very hard to find in Guilin; 7) Mini wash kit in a small zip-lock bag; 8)Fluids under 100ml; 9) Suncream; 10) Umbrella & Raincoat 11) Antibacterial hand gel and tissues; 12) Glasses & Contacts; 13) Cameras and Lens; 14) Footwear: Scandals that have good grip (in summer); Hiking shoes.

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