Night Tour of Eastern Suburb Memory

October 21st 2019 09:57:00

On Oct. 20, I drove by Chengdu Eastern Suburn Memory after sending the daughter to school. I realized this musical park has already been opening for 9 years since 2011 but it is the first time I pass by, so I decided to spend the night for a tour. 

Entering the park by the west gate, I saw a brief introduction of the park. The park was built on the original site of the state-owned Hongguang Valve Factory. Now the huge factory and industrial chimney pipelines are still very well preserved and tell the great stories about former times when China spared no effort to build up Socialism Industries. The factory was built under the assistance of the former Soviet Union in the 1950s.

Walking on the main pedestrian street, visitors can watch the combination of industrial style and modern urbanism architecture, which  maintain an atmosphere of nostalgia and fashion. The whole park of Eastern Suburb Memory occupies an area of 283 Chinese Mu(1 Mu=666 Square meter), after the rebuilding of the factory, morden industries such as Digital Music, Multi-media, Education and Training, Food and Beverage, Show and Exhibition all gather here, making the old factory rejuvenated. Meanwhile, the slogans during the Cultural Revolution, the paintings of the Unity of Workers, Peasants and Soldiers are still on the old  grey  cement walls of the workshops, reminding people of its prosperous times. One steam engined train with 2 passenger cars of the 70s are placed in the park too, visitors can get on the train to enjoy coffee or some local snacks of Chengdu. 

  • Memory Corridor
  • Slogans on the Wall
  • West Gate of the Park
  • Steam Engined Train
  • Chairman Mao's Saying
  • Face changing show  at Eastern Suburn Memory