Vegetarian Feast of Mt.Emei

The vegetarian feasts made by Buddhist monks of the Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple and Fuhu Temple are also very famous. They are all made of vegetarian foods such as grey noodles, vermicelli, melons, beans and vegetables. There are a wide variety of dishes, which are made in the shape of all sorts of delicacies on the banquet. Hence, it is hard to distinguish between real ones and artificial ones.

The Buddhism believes that taking vegetarian food may make one have few wants and needs and protect and strengthen one's health. Therefore, Buddhist monks are particular about vegetarian food. It selects the ingredients of bean products, flour, vegetables and fruits, which are made into all sorts of dishes through elaborate craftwork and by the cooking method of steaming, boiling, stir-frying, and stewing.

They are not only in the shape of fish or meat, but also resemble their flavor, thus looking rather genuine. Tens of dishes are perfect in color, fragrance and flavor, for example, the 'fish' made of casket, the 'sweet (salted) shaobai (made of belly meat and bean sprouts)' made of Chinese watermelon or radish, 'chicken', 'chicken chips', Gongbao 'meat diamonds', Huiguo (warmed-up) 'pork' and sour 'fish' with ginger shreds made of beans

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