New spectacle on golden summit

Golden Hall: 

The 21st son of Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang in Ming Dynasty called Zhu Mo sincerely believed in Buddhism, and he awarded 150kg of gold to build Golden Hall of Da'e Mountain in the highest point of Mt. Emei. Therefore, the tiles, pillars, doors and window lattices of Golden Hall are all made of copper and gold. Under the bright sunshine, the hall looks splendid in green and gold, hence comes the name 'Golden Summit'. The peak also called Golden Summit on this account.
Under the beautiful sunlight, the Golden Hall is glistening, and the whole architectural complex seems resplendent and magnificent. The majestic and respectful statue of Samantabhadra Bodhisattva astonishes every devout person for its great momentum.

Golden budda:

In the scenic zone of the higher-level mountain, the Golden Summit-the dominant peak-soars to the skies. On the magnificent Golden Summit, the peak close to the sky, the Ten Directions Pu Xian Idol-the highest golden Buddhist idol in China-is located above the peak and sea of clouds, collecting spirits in sky and earth and reflecting gleams of sun and moon. The appearance of the Buddhist idol is majestic as well as the golden hall, silver hall and cooper hall. The 'Six Spectacles' of the Golden Summit are sea of clouds, sunrise, Buddha's light, sacred light, golden hall and golden Buddhist idol that make the Golden Summit the outstanding, the most splendid natural sigh-seeing stand with combination of natural spectacles and human culture and the most famous Buddhism pilgrimage center.

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