Baoguo Monastery

One of the eight main temples in Mt. Emei. It lies under Phoenix Ground and is at an altitude of 533m. It faces to the south and covers hundreds of mu. It is considered as the first temple in Mt. Emei. It was built in Wanli Period in Ming Dynasty, and originally called Huizong Hall, which means Confucianism, Sakyamuni and Taoism meet together. It was moved to Mt. Emei in the early period of Qing Dynasty and then rebuilt in the ninth year of the period governed by Emperor Shunzhi. In the 42nd year of Kangxi Period (1703 A.D.), its name was changed to Baoguo Temple, which indicates'Render service to repay our country'. In 1993, lots of new buildings were added to the temple, like the bell tower, the drum-tower, the tea house, Buddhist things circulation office, five halls, mountain gate, Maitreya Palace, the Grand Palace, Seven Buddha Palace and Samantabhadra Palace.