Shopping in Hangzhou

  • Hangzhou Silk

There are 14 kinds of silk produced in Hangzhou, including satin, spin, crepe, damask silk and silk fabric. Silk products include landscape paintings, cushions, curtains and clothing.

Recommended  Silk Products shops:

*Hangzhou Chinese Silk City, located at  No.217, Xinhua Road  

Tel: 0571-8510 0192 / 8517 2821

*Hangzhou Siruibao Silk Shopping Center, located at No.2, Baochu Road

Tel: 0571-8521 6223

  • Hangzhou Longjing Tea

Longjing Tea (Dragon Well Tea) is famous for its unique green color, fragrant aroma, sweet taste and flat appearance, and is usually regarded as a health elixir, popular throughout China.

Rocommended shops for Longjing Tea

*Hangzhou West Lake Longjing Tea Company Ltd, located at No.602, Fengqi Road, Hangzhou. 

*Hangzhou Shifeng Tea Company Ltd, located at No.228, Yanan Road, Hangzhou.

  • Xihu Silk Umbrellas

Xihu silk umbrellas feature bright colors and exquisite appearance, with the "bone" made of bamboo. They can be used not only as ordinary umbrellas for sunshade, but also as ornaments to decorate your house. You can buy one in Hefang Street in Shangcheng District

  • Wangxingji Paper Fans 

The paper fans produced in Hangzhou have been famous in China since ancient times. The most famous three local products in Hangzhou are paper fans, silk and Longjing tea.

Wangxingji fans are the best-known brand of fan in Hangzhou. The history of the factory dates back to 1875. At that time, the fans were regarded as appropriate tribute for the imperial household.

  • Lan Yin Hua Bu (Blue Cloth with Design in White)

This cloth is an ancient folk-printed fabric made by hand. The simple but elegant designs on the fabric mostly feature auspicious items, reflecting the unique folk culture in China. The dye is produced from the indigo plant.

  • Top 3 Shopping Places in Hangzhou

*Hefang Street 

Hefang Street is one of the most famous historic streets in Hangzhou, reflecting social features of the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279). Taking a stroll along this street, you will be attracted by traditional Chinese architecture buildings and local crafts, such as silk parasols, brocades, renowned Zhang Xiaoquan scissors and Hangzhou fans.

*Yan'an Road

This road is regarded as the most prosperous in Hangzhou. It runs from north to south for about 3,000 meters and has become Hangzhou's commercial center.

The road is home to the grand buildings of the Zhejiang People's Provincial Great Hall, Hangzhou Culture Center, Victory Theatre, International Mansion, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Grand Hotel, and Haifeng Western Restaurant.

*Wulin Road

Wulin road is one of the most distinctive commercial streets in Hangzhou. It is known as female fashion street. There are about 1,000 shops along the road, most of which sell women's wear in various styles and brands. There are many shops opened by local designers there.

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