Mt. Four Girls (Sigunuiangshan)

The Four Girls Mountain (Siguniangshan) lies in the boundary between Xiaojin County and Weichuan County Of Aba Tibet-qiang Minority Autonomous Prefecture, which is reputed as the Oriental Alps, and is famous for its grandness, straightness and forcefulness. There are abundant forest, thick green grass and clear flowing rivers. The mountain looks like South European scenery.

The fourth girl(the fourth peak) ,6250m high ,is the tallest amomg the four. The other 3 peaks (known as the first,second and third girl) are respectively 5335m, 5454m, and 5664m. They stand shoulder by shoulder plunging their heads into the cloud, with glacier wrapping around their shoulders and green forests around their waists. 

The Four Girls Mountain is beautiful, virgin and comely , so it is also called Shushan huanghou, the queen of mountains in Sichuan province.
The Four Girls Mountain, which covers an area of 450 square kilometers, consists of the Moutain Siguniang , Shuangqiao( Double Bridge) Valley, Changping( Long Flats) Valley and Haizi Valley. Every valley has its own characteristic, it is definitely worth your visiting. 
The Mt. Siguniangshan Scenic Area is a mystical and beautiful land. Ancient, simple, pure and original, the special sights of its three valleys attract you here to enjoy the spirit of nature.