Liu Sheng

March 18th 2019 16:55:00

Hello Everybody,

I am Liusheng, or you can just call me Victor. I came to Chengdu about 6 years ago after I graduated from my college. There is a famous saying about Chengdu "Chengdu, a city which you won't think of leaving once you come". I am deeply attracted by the beautiful nature and the people here. It has so many places worth visiting: the small stores on Jinli Folk Street, the morden and ancient style Wide and Narrow Alleys, the peaceful Dufu Thatched Cottage, the historic Wuhou Shrine. If you go out of downtown just by1 or 2 hours driving you can arrive at Leshan Buddha, holy Emeis Buddhist Mountain, 1000 year old Dujiangyan Irrigation System, the originating place of Chinese Religion Daosim the Qingcheng Mountain.

Chengdu is very populated city of more than 17,000,000 people, most of them coming from different places of China, hence people say Chengdu is a city of immigrants. People can find all kinds of food here among which the hot pot is most popular. People here are very inclusive and friendly. 

With a mild climate, Chengdu has no harsh winter or freezingly cold winter, it is a very good city for people to live, a lot of Chinese say Chengdu is the most leisure city of China. So, welcome to Chengdu and feel the city by yourselves.