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  • Xi'an Weather -When to travel? 

Xi'an has a temperate and continental monsoon climate and the four  seasons are very distinct among which summer in Xi'an is hot and rainy, while winter is cold and dry. 

Rainy season in Xi'an covers  July, August and September when  showers are commonly seen, quick coming and quick go.

The weather is generally pleasant all year round, but spring and autumn are the best seasons to visit. 

Spring of Xi'an has warm sunshine and gentle Breeze, it falls on March,Apr. and  May. Occasionally, dust storms happen due to the rapid increase of temperatures and strong wind. But generally speaking, the warm sunshine and gentle breeze make spring a good time for traveling.

Summer of Xi'an is really hot, from June to Augustin Xi'an is typically scorching with strong sunshine at noon, temperature is always over 30℃. Visitors should avoid going to outdoor sights at noon, such as the Ancient City Wall.

Autumn of Xi'an is  Cool and Cloudy. When Autumn comes, the weather becomes cool and cloudy in Xi'an, with a fair amount of precipitation, it is dry and sunny in late autumn.

Winter of Xi'an proves to be cold and dry. Winter lasts 4 months from December to February  when it is cold, dry and overcast with a good amount of foggy days. Snowfalls are seen but only occasional. 

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