Hialuogou Glacier Park, reputed as the lowest modern glacier in the world only with 1600 history, it's the best place for those who want to enjoy the scenery of snow mountain which won't cause the altitude sickness.Because of a movie called "from all over your world", Yading Natural Reserve became more and more popular among people home and abroad gradually. The last tour is for Four Girls Mountain, we will spend a full day hiking or riding horses for sightseeing of Changping valley, after we get into the valley, we will have a chance to see the 4 snow peaks standing shoulder by shoulder just like 4 beautiful girls, that is why the moutain got its name.


D 1Chengdu-Hailuogou(380Km)

Drive to Hailuogou through the Chengdu - Ya'an expressway and Mt. Erlang tunnel, enjoy the scenery along Dadu River, arrive at Moxi town in the afternoon, it is where the entrance to Hailuogou Glacier park is located, after a short visit of the town,check in the hotel.

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Hailuogou Long March Hotel
  • Dadu River Valley

    Dadu River Valley

  • Dadu River Valley

    Dadu River Valley

D 2Hailuogou Glacier-Kangding(110Km)

Take the local sightseeing bus and drive into Hailuogou Glacier Park,  you can take a cable car to No.4 Camp,which is the highest point in the park where we can see the highest peak of  Mt. Minya Konka. Enjoy the splendid sights of glaciers, ice mushrooms, ice pagoda forest, ice waterfalls, ect. In the late afternoon drive to Kangding . 

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Kangding Love Song Hotel
  • Hailuogou Glacier Park

    Hailuogou Glacier Park

  • Hailougou Glaciers

    Hailougou Glaciers

D 3Kangding-Xinduqiao-Yajiang county-Litang-Daocheng(440Km)

Today, we will drive across the Zheduo moutain which is over 4800m high and arrive at Xinduqiao town which is about 3600m above sea level. Then, will drive higher and higher towards Litang, on the way we will conquer several mountains which are all over 4000 meters, Mt.Gaoersi, mt.Jianziwan, Mt. Kazila etc. Visit the World High City-Litang. 
Litang is the town with strong nomadic features and strong atmosphere of traditional Tibetan life; strolling in the streets can give you time to see local lives, feel modern nomadic life, and compare to those ideas in your mind about Tibetans in this region. Afterwards, we will continue driving to Daocheng county and stay overnight there. 

Traffic: Private car/bus
Accommodation: Daocheng Taitian Hotel
  • Yading Autumn

    Yading Autumn

  • Yading Autumn

    Yading Autumn

D 4Daocheng-Riwa(Shangarila town)-Yading Village(120Km)

After breakfast in the hotel, we will continue our trip to Yading nature reserve. On the way, passing through Riwa town known as the Shangrila in Sichuan, which is a Tibetan town with beautiful natural scenery and strong tibetan elements. Finally, we will arrive at the core scenic area-Yading village which is preserved as primitive as people can. 

Traffic: Private car/bus
Accommodation: Yading Village Sada Guesthouse
  • Overlook Yading Village

    Overlook Yading Village

  • Yading View

    Yading View

D 5Yading Nature Reserve-Daocheng(120Km)

Enjoy the amazing beauty of Yading nature reserve. First, take the  sightseeing bus from Yading village(Longlong Ba) to Luorong pasture to see the most famous three holy snow peaks  respectively knowns Mt. Yangmaiyong, Mt. Xiaruoduijie, and Mt. Xianairi. Then, we can either hike or take a horse riding(Extra Horse riding fee paid by yourself ) on the small path to the primitive forests to see the lakes hiding in the valley.At around 16:00pm, we'll get out of the valley, and drive back to Daocheng through Riwa town.

Traffic: Private Car/bus
Accommodation: Daocheng Taitian Hotel
  • Yading Snow Peak

    Yading Snow Peak

  • Yading Snow Peak

    Yading Snow Peak

D 6Daocheng-Litang-Yajiang-Xinduqiao(360Km)

Today, we will drive back to Xinduqiao town passing Litang and Yajiang county, stay at Xinduqiao town for overnight.

Traffic: Private car/bus
Accommodation: Xinduqiao Tianyue Hotel
  • Daocheng View

    Daocheng View

  • Yading scenery

    Yading scenery

D 7Xinduqiao-Tagong Grassland-Danba county(150Km)

Drive from Xinduqiao to Tagong grassland,visit Tagong monastery which is a famous Tibetan Buddhism Ningmapa(Red sect) monastery located at northwest Sichuan Khampa area. Enjoy the scenery of highland grassland of Tagong, then drive to Danba county, another beautiful Tibetan county features its Tibetan villages and thousand years old watchtower(Diaolou) groups.

Traffic: Private car/bus
Accommodation: Danba 318 Hotel
  • Danba Watchtowers

    Danba Watchtowers

  • Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

    Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

  • Monks at Tagong Monastery

    Monks at Tagong Monastery

  • Interaction with Tibetans at Danba

    Interaction with Tibetans at Danba

D 8Danba-Siguniang mountain(180Km)

Free sightseeing in Danba county, which is also called the beauty valley with its pretty Jiarong branch Tibetan women, the Dadu river valley, feeling and taste the folks and customs of Jiarong branch Tibet people.  In the afternoon drive to Mt. Siguniang Rilong town. 

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Siguniang Mountain Jiarong Sunshine Hotel
  • Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

    Danba Jiaju Tibetan Village

  • Interaction with Tibetans at Danba

    Interaction with Tibetans at Danba

D 9Sightseeing of Mt. Siguniang

Siguniang mountain is called as the 'Oriental ALPs', the natural scenery of this place is very attractive by its snow peaks, forests and crystal clear water. Today we will  spend a  full day hiking or riding horses for sightseeing of Changping valley, after we get into the valley, we will have a chance to see the 4 snow peaks standing shoulder by shoulder just like 4 beautiful girls, that is why the moutain got its name. After the sightseeing in the valley, we will hike out and go back to the town for overnight. 

Accommodation: Siguniang Mountain Jiarong Sunshine Hotel
  • Mt.Siguniang


  • Snow Peaks of Mt. Siguniang

    Snow Peaks of Mt. Siguniang

D 10Siguniang mountain Rilong Town-Wolong-Chengdu(300Km)

Drive back to Chengdu from Mt. Siguniang passing Wolong Panda Reserve, visit lovely Giant Pandas there at the Panda park which was rebuilt after the earthquake in 2008. Finally, drive to Chengdu, end the tour.

Traffic: Private car/bus.
Accommodation: Not Involved
  • Mt. Siguniang

    Mt. Siguniang

  • Wolong Panda

    Wolong Panda


Dates 1 Person 2 Persons 3-6 Persons 7-9 Persons Single Supplyment
Dec.-Mar. 3075 1582 1182 725 228
Apr.-Nov. 3112 1625 1206 800 245


  • Travel insurance.

  • Hotel for 9 nights with breakfast as listed in the itinerary based on 4 star standard.

  • Private transportation to the destinations and sites listed in the itinerary by car or bus according to the group size.

  • Private excellent English-speaking guide.

  • Entrance tickets for all thescenic spots listed in the tour.


  • Hot-spring fee(At private tour the hot-spring fee is included in the price).

  • Cable car cost in Hiluogou Glacier Park (around 150RMB/person).

  • Your personal expenses such as shopping and laundry.

  • Tips to the guide and driver based on their excellent service.

  • Lunches and dinners, visitors can order food at local restaurants with the help of tour guide.

  • International and domestic flights or train tickets to and out of Chengdu.

  • Optional activities and excursions not specified in the itinerary.

  • China Entry visa.


  • The temperature varies greatly and sunshine can be very strong, please bring jackets, sunburn cream, medicine for altitude sickness etc.

  • Sichuan Tibetan area is less developed than other places around Chengdu, local living condtions is still rustic, for instance, most of local restaurant can only  offer the simple Sichuan and Tibetan dishes.

  • For avoiding the altitude sickness, please don't do violent exercises, drink more water and rest as much as possible after sightseeing.

  • Most of the time you will enjoy the beautiful views in the car, and the driving hours are longer in this tour.

  • Tourists should take the high plateau altitude into consideration, if unexpected accident(injury, death etc.) happen, the Insurance

    Company will compensate according to the regulations.

  • Sichuan Tibetan area is short of water, some hotels can not provide enough hot water for bathing.

  • Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.

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