Top Ancient Towns in Shanghai

Shanghia has many prosperous water towns and ancient towns in the south of the Ynagtze river with a long history ,rich cultural resources and rich cultural relics.

 1. Zhujiajiao Ancient Town-Venice of Shanghai

zhaojialou old town.jpgZhujiajiao ancient town has a long history with 1700 years which  is still bright and flourishing.Someone regards zhujiajiao ancient town as Venice of Shanghai and someone thinks it is a dazzling pearl situated along Dianshan Lake.Zhujiajiao is crisscrossed by rivers and annals with 9 long streets running along the rivers and hundreds of buildings of Ming and Qing architecture flanking both sides.What makes zhujiajiao more charming is its historical sites,including 36 old bridges,Kezhi Garden,former residences and ancient halls,etc.The antiquity of the birdges,the rareness of the streets and the seclusion of the alleyways all present you a scene of "boat sailing on the water and people touring in paintinhg".

The Fangsheng bridge ,which built during the wanli period of  Qing dynasty,is the largest five-hole arch stone bridge in Shanghai. Location: No.84 Xijing Street, Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai; 48 km from Shanghai within 1 hour’s drive 

fangsheng bridge.jpg

Features: Fan-shaped; nearest water town of Shanghai; great for photography

Best Time: April to November

Recommended Length of Visiting: half day to one day

Ticket: Free for entrance and if visit its spots, 60 RMB/ person including 9 tourist sites

Highlights for Exploration: Kezhi Garden (课植园), Qing-dynasty Post Office (明清邮局), Yuanjin Buddhist Temple (圆津禅院), Fangsheng Bridge (放生桥), Tai’an Bridge (泰安桥), etc.

2.Fengjing – Beautiful Hibiscus Town

fengjing town.jpgWith a history of 1500 years, Fengjing Ancient Town was situated at the border of Wu and Yue state in history and hence it is praised as famous town of Wu and Yue culture. This water town is elegant with clear streams flowing through, lotus fully blossom in summer. Hence, Fengjing has got "Hibiscus Town", "Rivers Flowing in Breeze". A visit to Fengjing, you can feel that it is a town with bridges in a few steps that among the 52 preserved bridges, the oldest one is the 700-year-old Zhihe Bridge.

night of fengjing old town.jpgFengjing is an ancient town with many celebrities and flourishing culture. It is the birthplace of Jinshan peasants' paintings with strong local flavor. There are many ancestral houses of famous painters. You won't miss the famous cartoonist Ding Cong's Exhibition Hall to display more than 100 cartoons. It is blending with other exotic culture that you can find Taoism, Buddhism, Catholic and Christian sites.

 Location: Hubei Road, Jinshan District, Shanghai; 70 km from Shanghai downtown with 70 minutes' drive

Features: T-shaped, less crowded & less commercialized; great for photography  Best Time: All year round, especially in spring and autumn

Recommended Length of Visiting: half day to one day

Ticket: 50 RMB / person

Highlights for Exploration: Sanbai Garden (三百园), Shiwang Palace (施王庙), Ding Cong’s Cartoonist Hall (丁聪漫画馆), etc.

3. Qibao-historical town

Qibao historical town,is the ancient town which nearest Shanghai,located in the southwest of Shanghai,is a historical town with both the natural scenery of jiangnan water town and long cultural connotatiopn.It is adjacent to caohejing hi-tech development zone in the east,songjiang district and qingpu district in the west,Shanghai xiuzhuang nidustrial zone in the south and hongqiao international airport in the north.

The picturesque Qibao ancient town used to be a prosperous area that people were proud of. With the extraordinary old street buildings and the tender scenery of the water town, this prosperous street, which integrates leisure, tourism and shopping, has become another popular scenic spot of Shanghai's water town after zhujiajiao, and is deeply loved by tourists. 

Location:Conjunction of qingnian road and hengli road, Qibao county,Minxing District,Shanghai;

Features:Gourmet journey;nearest water town of Shanghai; great for photography;take a leisure tour

Best time:All yearround 

Recommended Length of Visiting:half day to one day

Ticket:Free for entrance and if visit it's spots,5-10RMB/peoson for each spot,30RMB/person for whole charged sports

Highlights for Exploration:Belfry(钟楼),Shadow play museum(皮影馆),Qibao pawn shop(七宝当铺),Cottonmill(棉织坊)Zhang chongren memorial hall(张充仁纪念馆)

4.Xinchang old town

Xanchang old town earned the reputation of "Beautiful scenery than suzhou".As an ancient town,with the history of thousands of years,xichang has accumulated profound historical culture,and has been favored by the world for its unique quitness,beauty and diversity. In xinchang old town,the ancient dwelling on the both sides of the river stretch and spread,with dense streets and lanes,showing the unique living syle of typical people in the water town for thousands of years, which is the true living style ofthe aboriginal people in the old pudong district of Shanghai.Life in the ancient town is quite and peaceful.

nightfall of xinchang old town.jpg

arch bridge in cinchang town.jpg

There are more than 100 buildings which built in Ming and Qing dynasties,decorated with white walls,black bricks and beautiful caving windows.Small bridges,clean water,kind people,long streets,tea houses,old shops,small temples ,together constitute a map of jiangnan water town.The arch birdge is the landmark of the ancient town.Actually maybe without the discover of director Lian, chances are that today few people know it.

Location:128 Haiquan Street,xinchang county,Pudong district,Shanghai; 36km from Shanghai downtown with 50 minutes' drive

Features:Gourmet journey;great for photography;take a leisure tour;less crowded & less commercialized

Best time:All year round 

Recommended Length of Visiting:half day to one day

Ticket:Free for entrance

Highlights for Exploration:Traditional houses(奚家厅、张厅),Arch bridges(马鞍型水桥),gingko tree in nanshan oldtemple9南山古寺银杏树),etc

5.Nanxiang town

nanxiang town.jpgNnaxiang town belongs to southeast Jiading district , shanghai ,it's one of the historical ancient town of Shanghai,now is the 5A scenic spot  of China.Traving in Nanxiang old town, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery,while taste the local snacks like Nanxiang steamed buns.

Location:Nnaxiang county,Southeast of Jiading District,Shanghai;24 km from Shanghai downtown with 40minutes' drive

Features:Relax and leisure tour,Gourmet journey;great for photography; less crowded & less commercialized

Best time:All year round

Recommended Length of Visiting:half day to one day

Ticket:18RMB/person for entrance ticket

Highlights for Exploration:Brick minaret(砖塔),Ancient garden(古漪园),Yunxiang Temple(云祥寺),Old street(南翔老街)

6.Zhaojialou town

Zhaojialou old town is originated in the early Yuan dynasty and boomed in Yuan ,Ming and Qing dynasties.It covers an area of 150 mu and many old ancient buildings built in Qing dynasty were well reserved in this town.Zhaojia building culture is the origin of farming culture in Shanghai.

zhaojialou town.jpg

Location:zhaojialou old town,Pujiang County,Minxing District,Shanghai;15 km from the Shanghai downtown with 30 -40   miuntes' drive

Features:Gourmet journey;great for photography; less crowded & less commercialized

Best time:All year round

Ticket:Free for entrance,and if you want to visit Liyuan,you should pay 20RMB/person

Recommended Length of Visiting:3 hours to half day 

Highlights for Exploration:Plum garden(梅园),Ligeng hall(礼耕堂)

7.Liantang town

liantang town.jpgLiantang town is the hometown of Chenyun,the pioneer and foundeer of new China's economic construction.The old street in the town on both sides of the city river,two slate road across the river.Liantang town has been reputed as"famous historical and cultural town in China","national ecological town","Shanghai civilized town"and "Shanghai sanitary town".It's the 4 A sceneic spot  now.

Location:900 zhanglian road,Liantang county,Qingpu District,southwest Shanghai;60 km from the Shanghai downtown with 80 miuntes' drive

Features:great for photography; less crowded & less commercialized;historical tour

Best time:All year round

Recommended Length of Visiting: half day to one day

Highlights for Exploration:Chenyun memorial hall (陈云纪念馆)

Ticket:Free for entrance

8.Sijing ancient town-the root of Shanghai

sijing town.jpg

 Sijing ancient town, located in the northeast of Songjiang district, has a history of over 1,000 years. Originally called hui bo village, the southern song dynasty named it Qijian village. Until the middle of the yuan dynasty, it was named Sijing town because it was located in the intersection place of tongbojing, waibojing, dongjing and zhangjing.

Sijing old town is the root of Shanghai.The Anfeng Pagoda with a height of 35.18 meters and a diameter of 12.45 meters, each side is 5.42 meters long. The tower is made of reinforced concrete and wood. On the seventh floor of the top of the pagoda, sakyamuni Buddha is worshiped, means to keep safety for people who lived here .

Location:Kaijing road,Sijing county,Songjiang District,Shanghai;30 km from Shanghai downtown with 50 minutes' drive

Features:great for photography; less crowded & less commercialized;historical tour

Best time:All year round

Recommended Length of Visiting: one hour to three hours

Highlights for Exploration: Anfang Pagoda((安方塔);The old residence of Ma xiangbo(马相伯故居)

Ticket:Free of entrance,and you should pay 3RMB/person if you want to climb the Anfang Pagoda

9.Jinze town

arch stone bridge in jinze town.jpg

arch bridge.jpg

Jinze ancient town  is located in the southwest of Qingpu District.It's the west gate for Jiangsu province and Zhejiang provice to enter into Shanghai.Jinze ancient town has municipal intangible cultural heritage"Shang ta xuan roll" and "Shang ta po tea".The temple celebrations on the 28th March and 9th September are the characteristic folk customs of Jinze town.It contains seven old bridges of antient time.

Location:235 Jinxi road,Jinze county,Qingpu District,Shanghai;30 km from Shanghai downtown with 50 minutes' drive

Features:great for photography; less crowded & less commercialized

Best time:All year round

Recommended Length of Visiting:Three hours to half day

Highlights for ExplorationWanan brideg(万安桥),Puji birdge(普济桥),Yihao temple(颐浩寺)

Ticket:Free of entrance