Jiuzhaigou climate and weather

Jiuzhaigou is noted for its fresh air in the world, with an atmospheric visibility of 50 kilometers. Situated in a temperate zone. Jiuzhaigou has lots of sunny days, cool summer and less wind in winter, with favorable conditions for tourism, sightseeing and holidays.

The area has a subtropical to temperate monsoon climate, with a succession of zones cooling with altitude. Valleys are warm and dry, the middle mountain slopes cold and damp. At Nuorilang at 2,400m in the Shuzheng valley the mean annual temperature is 7.3 , the mean January temperature is -10and the mean July temperature is 16.8 . The total annual rainfall there is 761mm but in the cloud forest between 2,700m and 3,500m it is at least 1,000mm. 80% of this falls between May and October as the monsoon moves up the valley giving mild, cloudy, moderately humid summers. Above 3,500m the climate is colder and drier. Snow falls between October and April. Monthly precipitation totals are: January 15mm, February 24mm, March 36mm, April 43mm, May 87mm, June 96mm, July 104mm, August 82mm, September 86mm, October 54mm, November 26mm and December 18mm.

Here is a form of the average temperature and precipitation in each month for your reference:

 Month  Jan.  Feb.  Mar.  Apr.  May  Jun.  Jul.  Aug. Sep.   Oct.  Nov.  Dec.
Temperature('C)  -1  2.5  4  8.7  11  14 17   16  12  8.3  2.4  2.3
 Precipitation(mm)  15  24  36  43  87  96  104  82  76  53.2  26  18

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