Zechawa Valley of Jiuzhaigou

View of Jiuzhaigou Long lake.jpgThe Zechawa Valley, 18 kilometers long, stretches from Nuorilang to the Chang Lake, the route of the highest altitude of all your Jiuzhaigou tours, featuring overlapped and erecting peaks. Overlooking from a distance, you will have a full view of the U-shaped valley, under the sun and covered with glaciers. Looking afar from Mt. Duona, you will find tranquil snow peaks and meandering mountain ranges, as if you were touring around in the universe.

Changhai lake: At the top of the Jiuzhaigou Valley is located the largest lake - the Changhai Lake. With a length of about 8km, it is over 4000m for the deepest part. TheLong lake view.jpg lake is vast without a single water exit on the earth surface, and does not rise sharply during storm seasons in summer or autumn, nor dry up during spring or winter. It is said to have monsters appear now and then, adding to the mystery of the lake. 

Five-Color Pond: Five-Color Pond is one of the smallest but most spectacular bodies of water in Jiuzhaigou lakes. Despite its very modest dimensions and depth, it has a richly colored underwater landscape with some of the brightest and clearest waters in the area.