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For foodies to Guilin, what to eat in Guilin is an important question of them. In this page, we will introduce representative delicacies in Guilin for tourists.The main delicacies are Guilin Rice Noodle, Yangshuo Beer Fish, Lipu Taro Looped Meat and so on. 

 Guilin Rice Noodle

What is the favorite food for Guilin local people? The answer, of course, is the "Guilin Rice Noodle". Guilin Rice Noodle can be taken as one of the four treasures in Guilin with Guilin Sanhua Wine, Guilin chili source, Guilin fermented bean curd. A foreign friend said that the first sentence of Guilin dialect he leant is “Er liang mi fen” which means “two liang Guilin Rice Noodle”. Liang is a Chinese weight unit. Two Liang is about a bowl of rice noodle.

There are both round rice noodle and flat rice noodle. The round rice noodle is more delicious to eat without soup, and the flat one tastes better with soup.

There are various materials can put into to the rice noodle. Fried peanuts and soybeans, pieces of beef, horse meat and pork can be added to the rice noodle depending on your own flavor. If you like chili, you can also add some in you rice noodle.

 Lipu Taro Looped Meat

With the best taro that picked up in Lipu County (104 km south of Guilin), Lipu Taro Looped Meat is a famous traditional dish of Guilin. It is always served in a traditional Guilin banquet during the festivals and normal occasions such as weddings.

 Why Lipu Taro Looped Meat is so popular among this area? The successful point lies in the materials and seasoning of this dish.

 Besides the selected taro and streaky pork, various materials are put together for cooking out an alluring cuisine. The ingredients include red pepper, garlic, Guilin fermented bean curd, wine, honey etc..

 In addition, this dish has certain health benefits, such as eliminating heat and purging fire, as well as softening the complexion.

Oil Tea

 Oil Tea, one of the favorite foods of Miao, Yao and Dong ethnic people in Guangxi Province, is one of the recommended foods for people traveling in Guilin. Just as the name referred, oil tea is made of oil and tea.

 The most famous oil tea drinkers are the Yao people of Gongcheng (a county of Guilin prefecture)., which is also said to enhance the immune system and help them keep warm in winter. For people in Gongcheng county, they can have oil tea during each meal. There is a song to describe the oil tea in Gongcheng. Content of the song can be summarized like this: Eating customs in Gongcheng County is strange. People like eating porridge mixed with oil tea. Oil tea is regarded as the medicine for all illness. Everyone who have drank of it will be full of energy all the time.

 Beer Fish

Yangshuo Beer Fish is one of the most famous local dishes that are popular with people in all over the world. The fresh fish cooked with beer will cause you a good appetite. When traveling in Yangshuo, if you miss to enjoy the beer fish, you may miss a chance to experience the very local Yangshuo eating culture.

 A slang in Yangshuo describes the beer fish as “you don’t know how delicious it is until you enjoy it in Yangshuo”. The unique taste attracts thousands of tourists. All of them will phrase this dish and immediately recommend to their friends.

 People who eat beer fish first time will be amazed at the crispy fish skin. The crispy skin with delicious sauce will bring diners a brand-new taste. Pepper is the highlight of this dish. If you refuse to eat this dish with pepper, you may regret to eat the essential taste of beer fusg.


 is a traditional Chinese food, made of glutinous rice stuffed with different fillings and wrapped in bamboo or reed leaves. The shape of zongzi range from being relatively tetrahedral in northern China to cylindrical in southern China. Wrapping a zongzi neatly is a skill that is passed down through families, as are the recipes. Like tamale-making in Mexico and Pamonha-making in Brazil, making zongzi is traditionally a family event of which everyone helps out.

 While traditional zongzi are wrapped in bamboo leaves, the leaves of lotus, maize, banana, canna, shell ginger and pandan leaves sometimes are used as substitutes in other countries. Each kind of leaf imparts its own unique smell and flavor to the rice.

 There are some tastes of Zongzi, while they can be divided into three kinds: the salty one, the sweet one, and the original one. The salty Zongzi may be the most popular one because the stuffs of this kind are usually meat and egg. And the sweet Zongzi also has lots of fans because the material used to stuffed is generally bean mash. And the original one is made without any taste so that diner can tip any sauce on the Zongzi according to their favorite taste. Soy sauce and sugar may be two recommended intergradient for your DIY Zongzi.

The Nun Noodles

 is a kind of plain noodle. It has a history over 100 years. It is said that one hundred years ago, a nun used to live in the cave of Crescent Hill and she could cook delicious plain noodles. As time passed, people call this nun noodles. In Yueya House which is located in the Seven-Star Park, you can still enjoy this tasty snack.

 Characters of the Nun Noodles

1, Handmade Noodles: The noodles are thin and fine, tasted smooth. If the noodles are made and cook fresh, they will be tastier.

2, Special Soup: The essence of the flavor of the noodle is in the soup, which is cooking with soybean sprouts, straw mushrooms, winter bamboo shoots and other materials. The color of the soup is golden yellow and it taste clearly.

3, Toppings: with straw mushrooms, agarics, dried bean curd sticks, Fried peanuts, chives on the top a bowl of noodles, It taste more delicious.

 Guilin Sticky Rice Cake

Guilin Sticky Rice Cake, also named Guilin Watering Sticky Rice Cake, is a specialty snack in Guilin. The main material of this popular snack in Guilin is sticky rice. It is a kind of health food that worth to taste for tourists in Guilin travel.

 How to make the Guilin Sticky Rice Cake

The sticky rice is carefully selected with good quality. Steam the sticky rice until it is done and then paste the rice with crabstick heavily. Paste it until the rice looks like cotton. And then take the rice out and make it into little round cakes to experience airing. Then, you can steam it in steaming basket.

Features of the Sticky Rice Cake

There are fine bean mashes, lotus paste, sesame osmanthus flower sugar or other food filled inside the sticky rice cake. The cake looks pure white, tastes fine and chewy. If the cakes are just done with some white sugar or bean powder on them, they would be more delicacy.

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