Yangshuo Big Banyon Tree

The Big Banyan Tree Park is Located at Gaotian Village which is  seven kilometers southward to  downtown Yangshuo, and it is one of the main attractions on the "Ten Miles Gallery". The tree is 17 meters high and its trunk is  7 meters wide.The Big Banyon Tree has survived 15 centuries ever since it was planted during the Sui Dynasty (581-618) in ancient China. 

Looking from afar, the Big Banyon Tree is just like a huge green umbrella. The lush branches and leaves provides a large area of shade for people to avoid the hot day in summer.  A famous Chinese love film Liusanjie was once filmed here under the Big Banyan Tree which made the tree even more famous. From then on, it has attracted lots of young couples to visit the Big Banyan Tree Park to swear of their love.

According to the traditions of the Zhuang Minority People, the Zhuangs believed in nature. They believed everything and creatures had a god, so dose the 1,400-year-old banyan tree. Every year,many tourists visit and worship this 'Tree God'.

big banyon treebig banyon tree