four girls mountain scenery

There are three valleys in this area,(Haizi valley,Shuangqiao valley,Changping valley).

Shuangqiao (Two-Bridge) Valley Shuangqiao (Two-Bridge) Valley is the most easily accessible valley with vistas of snowy peaks, pastures, grassland and forests. It is the most beautiful valley of Mt. Siguniangshan. With three sections covering an area of 216.6 square kilometers (about 83.6 square miles), the whole valley is accessible by tour bus. It`s the easiest and quickest way to see the valley because of the amount of distance and the ruggedness of the terrain. People visit this valley primarily for convenient nature sightseeing.
In the middle section is the Driven fish (Nianyuba) plank road built along a cliff and the Shaji woods (Lin). Shaji is a small golden fruit, which is called the 'King of vitamin C.

In the last section are marvelous rock sculptures carved naturally by the wind. You can see wonderful shapes resembling an ape, a hunter, or a hawk beak. More than ten snow-capped mountains above 4,000 meters (about13, 122 feet), make the area a favorite with climbers.
Changping (Long-Peace) Valley Changping (Long-Peace) Valley is long with gently sloping sides. In this valley, visitors enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and camping. Long-Peace (Changping) Valley is the favorite valley for tourists, because you can really get involved with nature. The old cypress path, the Lama Temple, the dry lakes and the waterfalls are peaceful and secluded. Hikers can easily reach Withered-trees (Kushu) Shoal via a plank road built into the cliff. But if you are yearning for the true beauty of Long-Peace (Changping) Valley, you must take a tour on horseback.
The valley floor is well protected by thick forest. Old cypresses, green pines, and firs blot out the sky and the sun. Beyond the forest, a sun-drenched alpine meadow lying at the foot of the mountain catches your eye. When you reach the foot of Mt. Siguniangshan, pitch your tent, and enjoy mutton roasted on an open fire, you will taste the true favor of nature. How delicious! Exploring Long-Peace (Changping)Valley requires a whole day, and there are no restaurants, so you must bring your own food and supplies into the valley with you.
Haizi (Alpine-Lake) Valley Haizi (Alpine-Lake) Valley is named after the numerous alpine lakes it contains, including Flower Alpine-lake (Haizi), White Alpine-Lake (Haizi), Blue Alpine-Lake (Haizi) and Yellow Alpine-Lake (Haizi). One of the lakes, Flower Alpine-Lake (Haizi), was formed by glacial seepage during the 4th century. Visiting this valley is for people who have experience in mountaineering and exploration. The beautiful surrounding mountains are reflected in the lakes where the non-squama Yunguyu (a type of primitive fish), the living fossil of this land, can still be found. It is interesting that the boulders scattered along the lakes, look like swan eggs from a distance. Most of the lakes are 4,200 meters (about 13,650 feet) above sea level, so only a few tourists have visited them. But the few who have say that their beauty is staggering. If you are a true lover of wilderness, Alpine-Lake (Haizi) Valley is definitely worth a visit.