Riwa(Shangarila) town

Riwa(Shangarila) town belongs to Daocheng couty, it is the site where the world-wide known'the Last Shangarila Yading nature reserve' is located. Riwa(Shangarila) town is on the way from Daocheng county to Yading nature reserve with 110 Kms south to Daocheng and 20 Kms north to Yading nature. It is the nearest township to Yading nature reserve and the Yading nature reserve ticket office is located on this town too. Compared to Yading village, the altitude is much lower. It is only around 2,000 mters high. For those visitors who have some mountain sickness, Riwa(Shangarila) town is a good place to release it. The accommodation on this town is much better than Yading village, it has 3 star hotels with very good facilities. Overall, Riwa(Shangarila) town is a pleasant stop-over for those visitors who want to enjoy a comfortable accommodation while appreciating the beautiful nature.