Pearl Lake(Zuomalacuo lake) of Yading Nature Reserve

The Pearl Lake, (Zuomalacuo lake) in Tibetan is located at the foot of Chenrisig moutnain in Yading nature reserve,3 kms to Longlongba.This tibetan lake is filled with deep blue water and circled by wild flowers, in the sunny days, the lake surface looks like coverd byPearl Lake.jpg thousands of pearls under sunshine.

The pearl lake is like an emerald fixed on the lotus-like mountain valley. The clear water has the same color of the sky, the floating cloud is reflected on the lake. Inside the lake, some hundred years old tree trunks are dipped in the water.With the barks decayed, the trunk appears a silver color which makes one trunk with one end above the water look like a silver dragaon.

Along the lakeside standing some old trees and wild flowers. All of the snow peaks,cloud,blue sky, trees, wild flowers are mirroed on the lake which compose a picturesque beauty.