Milk lake(Erongcuo lake) in Yading Nature Reserve

The Milk Lake with an altitude of 4,600m, is  a glacier-fed lake. Glacier running off from Jampelyang gives the water its striking bright green color. The best view can be gained if Milk Lakeyou follow the main trail along the north shore of the lake and climb up to the col in the west.

Both Milk Lake and Five-color Lake are situated at the saddle between Jampelyang and the south face of Chenresig, with Chanadorje standing at the east range. It is the second place to admire all of the 3 sacred peaks. Although the view of Jampelyang is less impressive than that of in Luorong Pasture, both lakes offer breathtaking views of Chanadorje and Chenresig.

It takes three hours to hike from Luorong Pasture to Milk Lake. Five-color Lake is hidden behind a steep slope, 150m higher than Milk Lake beneath Chenresig's south face. Count 30 minutes to reach it from Milk Lake. No clear trails. Follow the direction of Tibetan praying flags hanging above the slope.