Daocheng Yading Travel Guide

Daocheng is quite a Khamba land,'Kham' means 'eastern'  while map-daocheng-yading.jpg'Ba' is for 'person' in Tibetan. Khambas are the people inhabited in the east of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. They are tall, well-built, fearless and open of countenance. And they are gifted for business. Joseph F Rock , a famous American explorer, said they resembled Apache Indians.

 Dacheng is the poetry of all great outdoors.
Snow-clad mountains and thick, virgin forests, tranquil lakes, crashing white water rivers and deep gorges,untouched wildness, oderless hot springs and natural steam,multi-coloured alpine meadows and huge-bouldered tableland...
for hunting, fishing, hiking, hang gliding, horseback riding, canoeing, camping, climbing, cycling, spelunking  and whatever you think suitable to.
Of course, the best way to experience Daocheng's unbeatable combinations of natural beauty and cultural riches is the walk through them. If you are a camper, Daocheng is your delight. No matter where you are in Daocheng, you are under the stars in splendid isolation.
Daocheng is a pilgrim must for a Buddhist in his lifetime.
Three snow-capped Mounts called Khongga Resum Gombo in Daocheng is one of the 24 Holy Lands in Tibetan tradition. It is the  pious wish of every Tibetan to make a pilgrimage at least once a life to the Holy Trinity. They are:
Mt. Chenrezigs (19,769feet), Avolokitisvara in Sanskrit, Budhisattiva of Mercy. The one here is White Avolokitisvara, or Four-armed Avolokitisvara, serving as the Protctor of Tibet and Speech.
Mt. Jampeyon (19,555feet), Manjushri in Sanskrit, Budhisattiva of Wisdom. The one here is Red Manjushri, serving as  Protector of Mind
Mt. Changna Dorjee (19,555feet),Vajrapani in Sanskrit, known as Thunderbolt Holder. The name is given to all the bodhisattivas holding vajra (thunderbolt, also known as Diamond) in their wrathful appearances to be in charge of Religious Protection. The one here is black, or blue in high-rank lamas' eyes, serving as Protector of Body.

Daocheng Yading Travel Guide

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