Chengdu Metro Maps

It is planed to build 10 metro lines around Chengdu. So far, metro line 1, 2, 3 ,4, 7 and 10 have been in operation.

Metro line 1 is from Shenxian Lake to Century City via North Railway Station, Tianfu Square, Sichuan Gymnasium, South Railway Station, Ocean Park and other places in the city. 

Metro line 2 is from Xipu Bullet Train Station to Chengdu Institute of Public Administration via Chadianzi Bus Station, People’ s Park, Chunxi Road, East Railway Station and other places. This two lines are linked at the Tianfu Square, which means tourists can change their routes at Tianfu Square.

Metro line 3 is from Traditional Chinese Medicine College(Zhongyida) in Xindu District to Taipingyuan in Northwest Chengdu. You can take this Metro line to the panda base.

Metro line 4 is from Wansheng in Wenjiang District to Xihe in Longquan district, the famous attaction Wide and Narrow Alleys(Kuanzhai Xiangzi) can be reached by this Metro line in the downtown area.

Metro line 7 is a circle line running almost underneath the Middle Ring Road of Chengdu where people can change to every metro lines.

Metro line 10 is going to Chengdu Shungliu Internationl Airport from Taiping Yuan where connecting to Metro line 3.

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