Songxianqiao Art city

Songxianqiao Art City is one of the quieter markets in Chengdu to browse.Located at the west part of Chendu city near Dufu's thatached cottage, It is not exceedingly large, but bigger and with far more variety than the antiques/art market under the Second Ring Road at Renmin Nan Lu.(the south section of the People's road). With no doubt that you'll have to bargain hard if you want to buy anything, and still you'll probably end up paying slightly inflated prices, but this is the place to go if you want to either just see some historical artifacts (lots of Cultural Revolution-era memorabilia, and unlike at similar markets in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, some of the inventory seems authentic) or if you want to buy any stamps, coins, old photos, all sorts of knick knacks, Little Red Books, Mao clocks and watches, propaganda posters, textiles, etc. Nearby there are also art markets where you can buy paintings, calligraphy scrolls, sculptures, etc. and also a book market.