Sichuan Cuisine Museum

Beisdes the hometown of giant pandas,Chengdu is also the City of Gastronomy. To experience comprehensive Sichuan cuisine culture, you are highly recommended to visit Sichuan Cuisine Museum, the first museum to display a regional cooking culture in the world.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum (also Chuancais Museum) is a national museum to display Sichuan local culture, like Sichuan cuisine, Sichuan wine, Sichuan opera, Sichuan tea, Sichuan architecture, Sichuan gardens and so on. You can appreciate more than 6000 pieces of antique and cultural relics related to Sichuan cuisine culture, as well as have a sight view of new style classic garden scenery and traditional western Sichuan style folk houses.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum is the only “EATABLE MUSEUM”, showing travelers a new way to experience Sichuan cuisine culture. Taking a visit to this museum, you can not only learn Sichuan cuisine culture by using eyes and ears, but also enjoy it by using mouth and nose. The highlighted experience for your visit should be the typical Sichuan dishes cooking under the guidance of the professional chef. By cooking on your own, you’ll have in-depth understanding about slicing technique, fire control, the procedure of accomplishing the dish and of course, get some ideas about the essences of Sichuan cuisine. Start your exploration from Sichuan Cuisine Museum, enjoy different aspects of Sichuan cuisine, satisfy your curiosity and taste buds and experience all fun for “Playing with Chuancais”.

Sichuan Cuisine Museum has an area of 27,000 square meters with abundant tourism resources including beautiful natural scenery, cultural tourism, shopping, leisure and education.There are seven theme area including

● Classical Collection Hall

● Raw Material Display Area

● Kitchen God Ancestral Hall

● Old Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant Street

● Raw Material and Processing Tools Display Area

● Interactive Demonstration Hall

● Sichuan Tea House

Taste Different Kinds of Sichuan Food

In the Sichuan Cuisine Museum, you can eat freely to satisfy your taste buds. Try Sichuan style stuffed pancake, northern Sichuan style jelly, Tofu pudding, Zhong dumplings, Sichuan pickles, golden-thread like noodles, fruits, local style wine, etc.

Appreciate Treasures in Classical Collection Hall

Entering into the hall, you can have close view of about 6000 pieces of antiques which include a huge assortment of kitchen wares, books, pictures and manuscripts which faithfully record the history of Sichuan culinary culture dating back more than 3000 to the Ancient Shu Kingdom. In this museum, you can see the “Treasure of Sichuan Cuisine Museum”, the most expensive pickle jar worth 4 million RMB.

Know How to Make Pixian Chilly Bean Paste, the Essence of Sichuan Dishes.

In the Raw Materials Display Area, travelers can know many kinds of raw materials of Sichuan cuisine, have a look at the organic vegetables garden and the roaming poultry and immerse themselves in traditional Sichuan cooking practices with 300 years’ history, like Flipping, Sun-burning and the technique of dewing used in making of the famed Pixian Chilly bean paste.

Worship Kitchen God

Respected as the master of all Chinese chefs, the Kitchen God is one of the most important parts of Sichuan traditional folk culture. Sichuan Cuisine Museum has the biggest Kitchen God Ancestral Hall in the world. Worshiping him will remind us to cherish food and to establish harmonious coexistence with the nature.

Experience Traditional Tools

Catch the chance to know all kinds of food processing tools. Make chili power with pestle from the Qing Dynasty; experience making bean curd pudding with the grinding machine and taste delicious spicy or sweet bean curd pudding.

Take Part in Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class

If you take a cooking class, you will change into special chef uniform and learn to cook three classic Sichuan dishes under the guidance of a chef. Know how to cut, control fire and the whole process to the dish. With an enjoyment to senses of sight, smell, taste and touch, you can have better understanding about “Hundreds of dishes boasts hundreds of flavors”, “blending of five basic flavors in a variety of way may create myriads of flavors”. Your master will try and comment on your dishes and award you with the official certificate of “Mater of Chuancais". To know more about it, please CLICK Sichuan Cuisine Cooking Class 1 Day Tour.

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