Mt.Qingcheng(Green City Mountain)

Qingcheng MountainQingcheng Shan, or Mt. Qingcheng, is 17 KM from the Dujiangyan scenery spot. It is a famous mountain in Taoism.

The mountain consists of two parts - the anterior Mt. Qingcheng and the posterior Mt. Qingcheng. The anterior mountain is famous for its beautiful scenery and numerous cultural and historic sites, while the posterior mountain is noted for its paradisiacal scenery, which is primitive and brilliant, gorgeous and mysterious.

Round mountains, surrounding rivers, green peaks into cloud, quiet and deep tracks, etc are characteristic. Thick ancient forest shelter sun; cliff and precipice form a scenic spot; plank road ,small bridge and purl; deep water-eroded cave and thousands pieces of mammary calculus; singing birds and fragrant flowers. Here, the ancient architectures are still well protected; every scenic spot and every thing are ancient, primary, supernatural, beautiful and full of charm.

The most famous scenic sites are the Shangqing Palace, the Jianfu Palace, and the Tianshi Cave.
The Jianfu Palace stands against the cliff under the Zhangren Peak with an extraordinary bearing. The palace was built in the Tang Dynasty and repaired several times in the successive dynasties.
Two kilometers towards the north is the Tianshi Cave, which is the major temple of Mt. Qingcheng. The palace contains wood and stone tablets of past dynasties,including the Tang Xuanzong`s imperial decree and Yuefei's handwriting of Zhuge Liang`s famous Qingcheng Mountainpiece Chu Shi Biao.
Shangqing Palace was situated at a high platform. The Shangqing Palace was first built in the Jin Dynasty and the extant temple was built during the reign of Tongzhi in the Qing Dynasty.
Mt. Qingcheng falls under the humid subtropical monsoon climate. The annual average temperature of Qingcheng Shan is only 15 centigrade, the travelers should take a coat even in the summer.