Jinsha museum

Jinsha MuseumDiscovered in February, 2001, the Jinsha Site was the most significant archaeological discovery in the 21st century in China. Thousands of gold plates, jade articles, stone wares, bronze wares and ivories of Kingdom of Shu (221 - 263) are discovered form the site. Among them the Holy Bird is the most famous one that has become the sign of China Cultural Heritage. In November of 2004, the Jinsha Site Museum began to be built on the site and after two years' construction, the advanced, world first-class museum will be opened.

Covering a total area of 300,000 square meters (74 acres), the Jinsha Site Musem is aJinsha Museum place for visitors to closely observe the excavation of archeological spot and a perfect place to learn the glorious Chinese culture of the ancient Shu Kingdom. The museum is composed of five sections: Relic Hall, Exhibition Hall, Protection Center of Cultural Relics, Garden District and Tourist Receiving Center. Not only cultural relics can be admired in the museum, some interactive games can also be participated in. As the largest museum in Sichuan, it offers visitors a good chance to taste the culture of Shu.