Huashuiwan Hot Spring

Huashuiwan Hot Spring was developed in 1994 from the depth of over 2,000 meters underground. The amount of hot water available each day reaches 4,000 cubic meters. The water temperature at the mouth of the well stands at 68. The water, clear and transparent, contains a number of trace elements including H2S, fluorine, strontium, lithium, metaboric acid, metasilicate and iodine which are beneficial to the human body. According to the verification of the inspecting department, such water can be developed and used for medical purpose as well as thermal energy. The Huashuiwan Hot Spring Holiday Resort based on the development of hot spring resources has built popularized and high-grade hot spring bath pools at the existing 10 scenic spots. The bath pool at the Diexiangxi Mountain Villa in particular is provided with the function of current pounding in order to benefit human body in a more effective way.

Huashuiwan Spa in Chengdu, Sichuan Xiling Dayi County at the foot of snow-capped mountains, surrounded by mountains, green mountains times, stunning scenery and cool summer has been warmer winter climate. Huashuiwan tourism is a hot spring tourism, tourism, Culture and Sport treatment, sham, leisure, business, conference, exploration, and entertainment in one hot springs tourism. Huashuiwan hot springs formed in the ancient land and sea changes in the Sichuan Basin during excavations on the ground over 2,800 m, the water temperature as high as 68 degrees, rich in sulphur, iodine, lithium chloride and boric acid partial satisfaction (of seawater), and other rare minerals, very high health care value. After detecting the health sector, to international and domestic complex medical-chuen standards. 
Huashuiwan spa tourism zone, many businessmen have been investing in the development, and we now have a larger scale and the formation of groups. All high school stalls guesthouses, hotels, resorts, Huashuiwan hot spring area, stretching several kilometers. Huashuiwan hot spring hotel as a unique design of the Triassic hot springs pool, the typical swimming pool, there are more than 80 luxury suites and sets standards, and set in a forest of green luxury villa, the family villa group, the Office will be supporting a karaoke nightclub OK , bar, bar, the size benevolent room, a chess room, beauty massage rooms, Finland Spa, business, tourism, justice and humanity, leisure and entertainment ideal place.
Traffic Guide
Transportation: scenic spots in Chengdu tiangongmiao Dayi County, more than 800 meters above sea level, Chengdu, the only way to Xiling Snow Mountain, 80 kilometers from Chengdu, 30 km from Dayi County, 25 km away from Xiling Snow Mountain from the ski field 37 km. Good road traffic, drove from Chengdu take about one hour 40 minutes. You can take buses to get there from Chengdu Xinnanmen bus station everyday from 8:00am - 15:00 pm.