Exploring Hidden Local Resaurants in Chengdu

March 09th 2019 22:29:00

Tasting the local food is always an important part of a trip and sometimes it can be the most impressive experience of your tour.We specially planned a local food tour in Chengdu by which you have a chance to taste the real authentic food of Chengdu. 

The tour usually starts  by taking a Tuk-tuk going through the streets to the most famous and delicious food vendors. As  locals, we are very informative of the delicious food restaurants hidden inside some apartments where nobody  knows form internet. 

We will  visit 4-5 different favorite places of local people and try 10-12 different tasty snacks with sweet, chilly and other flavors. All of the restaurants we visit enjoy high reputations with the food business or brands of a hisory  more than 20 years, even 100 years. We can not only experience the characteristic Sichuan food featuring "one dish one flavor, one hundred dishes one hundred styles", but also learn connections among the food restaurants, the development of the local buildings and local people.

Afte trying all the delicious food, you will be carried to the local famous bar street where you can sit in  a nice bar to have a drink with your friends.

For those gourmets, this evening activity to eat the local Chengdu food is a must-do in your trip.

  • Family Food Lovers
  • Taste Spicy Noodles
  • Tuk-tuk
  • Local Sichuan Dishes
  • Try Spicy food
  • Local Spicy Food