Flower Lake(Huahu Lake)

The view area is situated at the heart zone of Ruoergai wet land, the national natural preserve area. No.1 of the Six Most Beautiful Swamp and Wetlands in China. There are 10 kinds of plateau-marsh rare and precious animals in the world, such as black- neck cranes, yellow ducks and plateau fish. Ruoergai Prairie is the smoothest and vastest wet-land grassland in China stretching dozens of kilometers. The wild is boundless and fertile reaching far and wide.

Flower Lake is inserted like blue gem on the grassland reflecting bright and gold-like light. One may see a tremendous amount of green. Near the lake side, reed grows luxuriantly. Yellow ducks, stream-gulls and black-neck cranes often perch at the lake-side teasing each other. Swans, white cranes and black-neck cranes flock together dancing or hovering. The joyful larks are flying and soaring in the sky. When exposing the situation, you seem to enter dreamlike animal kingdom. 

The best time to visit the Flower Lake(huahu lake) is in July when the flowers are in blossom, people can see the flowers growing under the water and the whole wetland are dotted by wild flowers which make the large prairie a colorful blanket.