Mugetso lake of Kangding(Dartsendo)

There are several mountain lakes and hot springs near Dartsendo. Lying 26 km to the north of town up the Yala Valley, Mogetso Lake is one of the highest lakes in northwestern Sichuan, at 3700m. Local also boast that it`s one of the most beautiful lakes. Trails around the lake lead to other smaller lakes such as the Red Sea and Seven Color Lake. Mogetso Lake is such a popular destination that they have made the area into a park, complete with ticket sellers at the entrance, it`s still worth it. Don`t stop at the lower lake (where the crowds are) but keep on going to the upper lake, which has beautiful sand bars and pristine scenery.

There are now public buses to Mogetso, or you could hire a taxi. If the road connecting the lower and upper lakes is in bad shape, you will need to walk about an hour and a half. There is a very lovely hot spring pond between them--not so good for bathing but the waters of two springs are said to be good for the stomach and eyes respectively. From Mogetso you can trek 1-2 days past the south flank of Zhara Latse Mountain to Lhagang.

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