Jiaju Tibetan Village

Jiaju Tibetan village is located in the Hengduan Mountains of western Sichuan. The name 'jiaju' means jiaju tibetan village.jpg'one hundred families' in Tibetan. Traditional Jiarong Tibetan homes dot the steep incline and beautiful orchards sprinkle color among the intriguing buildings.

The houses are built in traditional Jiarong style with painted bands of yellow, black and white, and white stone towers in the four corners of the roof to represent the four cardinal directions. The homes are well designed for the hilly terrain they stand on, and to accommodate Tibetan culture.

The flat roof functions as a space for a variety of activities including prayer and drying harvested grains. Livestock are kept on the ground floor, with living quarters and a small chapel on the upper floors.

The village is enchanting and the warm hospitality of the local people adds to the magic. The vibrant colors and intricate designs adorning the buildings are not gaudy, but work in harmony with the surrounding nature.

A modest guest house meets the basic needs of visitors, providing a hard bench and a hearty supper. The locals are proud of their culture and land, and often entertain visitors with their traditional Guozhuang dance.