West Sichuan 8 days Cycling

Tour Code:SC-CT-05
Start in:Chengdu     End in: Chengdu
Destinations:Chengdu-kangding-Xinduqiao-Tagong-Bamei-Danba-Luding-Hailuogou glacier park-Chengdu

Tour Highlights

Cycling in West Sichuan area is a challenge to those cyclists,riding on the plateau averagely 3,500m high is a tough job. However, "no pains no gains", this bike riding trip will be your life long memorable experience.The snow peaks, grassland on the plateau, the Triendly tibetan people,the watchtowers at Danba...
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Chengdu-Kangding 360km (By car)
Leave Chengdu in the morning by car, we will put the bikes into the vehicle. We will drive across Ya'an county known as China's Rain City. Ya'an city is famous for its three wonders'Yaan Rain'(there are more than 200 rainy days each year of Yaan), 'Yaan Fish'(it is a sepcial kind of fish living in Qingyi river of Ya'an, its skull looks like a sword.)''Ya'an Girls'(Most of the girls here are nice-looking because of the mild climate, no strong sunshine, the humid and fresh air nurtures the grils here.)
Then drive through the 4,176 meters long  tunnel of Mt.Elang which used to be the first difficult pass on the way to Tibet. The weather at the entrance and exit of this tunnel is very different, usually, sunny this side but cloudy or rainy the other. Drive along Dadu river and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Arrive in Kangding, the Hometown of Love Song. Overnight: Love Song hotel.

Day 2: Kangding-Xinduqiao 70Km (Bike riding)
After breakfast, get ready for today's bikd riding, totally it is about 70 kms long. We will ride bicycles across Zheduo mountain with the highest mountain pass at 4,800m. The road is zigzagging on the mountains, it will be a tough job. We can try our best to ride on the bikes. We can also take our car on the way if we feel exhausted. Take pictues of Yala snow capped mountain when we get to the mountain pass. Ride the bikes down the mountain to Xinduqiao, a famous small town known as the 'Paradise of Photographers', its beautiful natural view including the snow capped mountains, the crystal clear streams, colorful trees and grassland, the yak and sheep herds. Overnight: Xinduqiao Xiangyun Hotel or similar standard hotels.

Day 3: Xinduqiao-Tagong-Bamei 60 km (Bike riding)
Riding our bikes on the highland, go to visit Tagong monastery(Lhakang Monstery) when we get to Tagong Tibetan town. Lhakang monastery is a famous Ningmapa monastery(Tibetan Buddhism Red sect), the monastery is located at the center with a few moutains surrounded which makes it look like seated in the center of a huge lotus flowers. Then contiue riding bikes for about 20 minutes we will arrive at the Muya Golden Pagoda, the pagoda was built in 1990s after the 10th Panchan Lama once came to this area and prayed for the local tibetan people. The pagoda top is completely made of Gold which makes it look holy and magnificent. After the sightseeing here, we will ride our bikes on Tagong grassland untill we get to Bamei town. Overnight: Bamei Sifangyuan hotel.

Day 4: Bamei-Danba  (Bike riding) 90Km (Bike Riding)
Leave Baimei after breakfast, we will rid to Danba county. On the way, we will pass Huiyuan Tibetan monastery, it is also a Buddist collge with a lot of local children studying Buddhism in it. Ride on the top of mountain and see the nice view, then drive down the mountain into Donggu valley which is covered by forests and a small river runs through it. We will ride in the valley along the river until we get to Danba county. Overnight: Danba Castle Hotel(Gubao Hotel) or similar standard hotel.

Day 5: Danba-Luding(By bike and car)
Ride our bikes to visit Suopo watchtowers. Actually, at the mountain slope of Suopo, we can see a group of watchtowers(Diaolou) which has a history of more than 1,000 years. It is a construction miracle, the towers(Diaolou) are make of rocks and earth, no cenment or other sticky material is used, but, all of the watchtowers(Diaolou) stand stable on the mountain slopes without no one collapsed even in the earthquakes. After sightseeing of the watchtowers(Diaolou) we will ride bikes to Jiaju Tibetan village ranked the most beautiful villages of China. The whole village is very well organized and all of the buildings are in traditional Tibetan construction style. The houses are scattered on the mountians facing the river and under the clear blue sky. We'll have a chance to taste the local tibetan food in the village and enjoy a nice Tibetan dancing show. After sightseeing in Danba, we will drive to Luding county. Overnight: Ludingqiao hotel.

Day 6: Luding-Hailuogou(half by car half by bike)
Today, we will go to Hailuogou glacier pak. First, we take the car for half an hour, then we can start our bike riding until we get to Moxitown where the entracne gate to Hailuogou glacier park is located. Visit Moxi ancient town, take pictures of the old street. There is a church which was built about 100 years ago by a French preist. The commist party Leader Chairman Mao(Mao Zedong) once lived in the church in 1935 during the famous Red Army's Long March. Overnight: Hailuogou Pearl Garden Hotel.

Day 7: Hailuogou glacier park sightseeing(By sightseeing bus inside the valley)

Go to visit Hailuiogou glacier park, the scenery inside the park is composed of primitive forest, snow campped mountains, hotspring and  the huge glacier. We can take the sightseeing bus to the cale station from where we can either take the cable car to the Glacier Viewing Platform or hike to it. At the platform, we can see the millions of years old glacier and if weather permit, the highest mountain peak of Sichuan province-Minya Konka. In the afternoon, you are suggested to take a hot spring bathing at Gonga Shentang hot spring center, just to have a relaxation after the hard bike riding. In the everning, we will go to Moxi ancient town. Overnight: Hailuogou Pearl Garden Hotel.

Day 8: Hailuogou-Chengdu 330Km 330km (By car)
After breakfast, take our car back to Chegndu through Mt.E'lang tunnel, Ya'an city. Our cycling trip to west Sichuan area will end in Chengdu.


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