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Lushan mountain,Xichang

Lushan Mountain is located in Xichang City, the capital of Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture. It is also called Washan Mountain, and it reaches an altitude of 2,317 meters. Lushan Mountain lies at the west of the clear and blue Qionghai Lake, at the east of the gracefully winding Anning River, at the south of the historically famous Xichang City, and at the north of the majestic and beautiful Luoji Mountain. Towering old trees cover the mountain, especially dense pines. The ancients once used the four words 'pine, wind, water, and moon' to describe the scenery of Lushan Mountain and Qionghai Lake: the pines on Lushan Mountain, the wind along the Anning River, the water of Qionghai Lake, and the moon above Xichang City.

The main peak of Lushan Mountain is Shamao Peak, which is 2317 meters above the sea level. A zigzag path with verdant pines and cypresses on the both sides guides tourists to the top of the mountain. There are more than ten temples on the mountain-Confucianist, Buddhist, and Taoist-built in the Han, Tang and Qing dynasties. It is a rare occurrence that different religious traditions exist together in the same locality over a thousand years. So the mountain is a unique mountain in China.

Guangfu Temple is the largest of the constructions on Lushan Mountain. It is consists of the Qianfu Temple Hall, the Wen and Wu Temple Hall, the Kuixing Pavilion, the Wanghai Pagoda, the Feiliang Hall and the Great Hall, each with their characteristic exquisite design and large scale. Included in the various halls of Guangfu Temple are: excellent carvings and statues; rare Chinese earthquake tablets protected as provincial-level treasures; famous poetic inscriptions from various dynasties; a copper and iron statue of Buddha from the Ming dynasty; a large copper sculpture weighing several thousand kilograms; the tower-like censer, and other cultural relics. Some ancient cypresses planted in the Han and Tang dynasties stand in front of the temple.
As you climb up the Wanghai Pagoda Building, the scenery of Qionghai Lake spreads before your eyes. There comes to life the words of the famous Ming poem of Yang Shen'an 'As I live on Lushan Mountain tonight, the door of heaven stays open late at night. Persons strike the heavens to pieces so that the stars fall to earth.'

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