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Wanglang Giant Panda Nature Reserve

Wanglang nature reserveAs the treasure of China, giant panda is one of the most rare and beloved animals in the world, is threatened with extinction - only about 1,000 pandas live in the wild. Although historically pandas were found throughout much of China and in Burma and Laos, today all of the wild pandas in the world live in six isolated forest areas in central China.
Wanglang nature reserve is situated in Pingwu county, the north of Mianyang city. The reserve covers an area of 32 hectares, it is 5.4% of the whole Pingwu. Before its establishment, there is a pastureland with abundant nature resources. That time was expressed by local people 'the natural resources is so enough that you can beat river deer with sticks and catch fish with wooden dippers'. In 1963, it was established by the Sichuan Forestry Bureau, is located in the Minshan Mountains inAnimals in Wanglang nature reserve some of China's most important panda habitat. It is neighbor, also back garden of Jiuzhaigou valley. In 1996, the reserve got assistance from WWF (world wild fund) in many aspects of technique, professor, money and so on. Now it is paradise for pandas and other species, although it can't match its big brother, such as Wolong reserve. Following the road up the valley containing the Baima Villages and you could arrive at Wanglang Nature Reserve.

About 5 miles into reserve there is lodging with hot showers and food. It is a quiet place to enjoy nature, hike, and relax in a mountain lodge setting. The principal endangered species in there are pandas (about 30), taking (an ungulate), and snubbed nosed golden monkeys. The peaks look like the steep peaks in the Rockies but the forested areas are much richer in biological diversity. There are estimated to be about 30 wild pandas living in Wanglang. At Wanglang you have a unique opportunity to experience the lush forests, beautiful mountains, and thick bamboo groves of the panda's home. Additionally, you can visit the colorful Baima people who have lived in the area just outside the reserve for hundreds of years.

On 25th August 2005, Sichuan Wanglang National Nature Reserve's Accommodation Product has achieved the prestigious Green Globe Benchmarked Certificate under the new Green Globe Certification program, which recognizes the operation's commitment to operating at the world's highest environmental standard. Sichuan Wanglang National Nature Reserve has spent considerable time benchmarking its energy and water consumption, waste production and disposal as well as implementing an integrated environmental and social policy. 

The main purpose of Wanglang nature reserve is to protect the giant panda and its habitat, and the 10 other nearby reserves in remote areas of northern Sichuan are critical to the continued survival of the giant panda. Because, poaching and illegal logging problems are still exist on this region.

There are no captive pandas at the reserve and because wild pandas live in high mountain areas in thick foliage and avoid humans, you will probably not see a panda at Wanglang, However, your trip to the panda's home will be one you will talk about for years to come and your visit to Wanglang will help support conservation of the world's treasured creatures, the giant panda. Wanglang protects the giant panda by following ways:

*Patrolling the reserve for poachers and sick or injured pandas.
*Protecting the forest as a key habitat area.
*Educating visitors about panda protecting and environment issues.
*Supporting panda research.
*Providing a corridor for panda migration between adjacent panda habitats.
Educating local residents about the value of conserving pandas.


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