Trekking tour in Four Girls Mountain(not available before July)

Tour Code:TSG-SGN-0001
Start in:Chengdu     End in: Chengdu

Tour Highlights

Enjoy the Orient Alps by a nice trekking in the valleys while put youself in the heartbreakingly beautiful natural secnery, the lakes, snow capped mountains and primitive forest...
Detailed Itinerary

Drive from Chengdu to Mt.Four Girls and overnight in Rilong town. the next morning we have the following choice:
    A:Shuangqiao Gully Camping 2days, This is a long gully, we Just catch the sightseeing bus to the camping place.
    B:Changping Gully Camping 2days, This is a valley with original forest and Tibetan village Gully. We rent the horse team follow our group, hike to Camping 1, we can ride horses or hike in this gully.
    C:Haizi Gully Camping 3days, This is a colorful gully, we will stay here 2 nights and climb No.1 peak of MT.Four Girls. We will Stay in Camping 1 and Camping 2. Normally it takes 3 hours to climb the mountain.


Private Tour Prices (Based on per person and shown in RMB,see the exchange rate here)

Group size
Travelers &above
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Remark:All the prices shown here are by the minimu size of the group, for instance, the price for 2-5 people is worked out for 2 persons only, if you have more than 2 but less than 5 perosns in the group, the price will be lower than what's publised here.
Service included
1: We supply those outfits: camping (two person), inflating mat, infrared stove, cooking utensils, autoclave, soup pot, stainless tableware, fuel, horse( use for transportation) and 1 local chef in 1 team.
2: We supply those food and solid food: fine dried noodles, eggs, tin, sausage, pork tin, fruit, chocolate, and biscuit.
3: We supply that Emergency treatment drug: tincture of iodine, bandage, cotton tap, oxygen,
4: Mountaineering skills will be taught by one expert for the whole climing.
5: The certificate: Successful climbers will get the certificate from Sichuan branch of china climb association.
6: Horse riding: There are some horses help you transport the outfits and luggage from Rilong town to base camp. Every person have 2 horse and 1 local groom. After climb the mountain, everyone ride the horse back from the base camp to Rilong.
7:Tour Insurance


1, Mountaineeing equippment should be prepared such as climbing shoes, clothes, ski poles and so on.
2, In order to protect you from the strong sunshine, sun block or suntan oil, ultraviolet ray-proof grasses and so on are necessary.
3. Some climbers may feel uncomfortable since you are mounting at a high altitude. We suggest you go to the hospital and ask the doctor weather you are in very good physical condition. You should be responsile for yourself if somtthing unexpectedly happened. It is a good idea to take some drugs for altitude sickeness.

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