Sichuan Gansu Qinghai Tibetan Area 6 days Overland Tour

Tour Code:TSG-ABA-0601
Start in:Chengdu     End in: Xining
Destinations:chengdu-huanglong-Jiuzhaigou--Ruo'ergai-Flower lake-Langmusi-Xiahe-Tongren-Xining

Tour Highlights

This Tibetan area including Sichuan Aba, Southern Gansu and Qinghai Repkong(Tongren) in deep China west is very much impressive by its nature and the less commercialized people. Flower lake, Langmusi temples, Xiahe Labrang monastery and Tongren Repkong Tibetan art are the most hightlights in this tour.Learn real west china by this overland tours Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai...
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Chengdu-Huanglong-Jiuzhaigou
Leave Chengdu by flight to Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong airport, then drive to visit Huanglong national park for sightseeing, after that, we will drive to Jiuzhaigou and stay there. Overnight: Jiuzhaigou Xingyu Hotel.

Day 2: Jiuzhaigou full day sightseeing.
After breakfast, we will enter Jiuzhaigou, taking the sightseeing bus as well as hiking wherever you like to visit the three valleys of this national park, Rize valley, Zechawa valley and Shuzheng valley. In the evening, we can see the Tibetan and Qiang minority culture show at an opera center near our hotel. Overnight: Jiuzhaigou Xingyu hotel.

Day 3: Jiuzhaigou-Chuanzhusi-Ruo'ergai-Flower lake-Langmusi
Leave Jiuzhaigou in the morning, we will pass Chuanzhusi town, then driving on the Ruo'ergai prairy grassland, en route, we can visit a local nomad family by entering their tents on the grassland with yak and sheep herds wandering nearby. Sometimes, the warm-hearted hosts will invite us to have a cup of butter tea to show their welcom. In the afternoon, we will go to visit the flower lake where we can see a lot of wild flowers are growing under the water in the lake. Actually, the flower lake is a large area of wet land. In the evening, we will arrive at Langmusi town located on the border between Sichuan and Gansu province. Overnight: Langmusi Hotel.
Day 4: Langmusi-Xiahe
Today, we will visit 2 Tibetan buddhist monasteries, one is Gerdi monastery on Sichuan side and the other Langmusi on Gansu side. These 2 monasteries are also Buddhist Colleges with thousands of young monks studying here. Most of them are from the tibetan families of the nearby provinces like Sichuan,Qinghai and Gansu. Some monks carve on the wooden boards to make them the printing models for Buddhism scripture printing. At the back side of Gansu Langmusi monastery, there is a air burial site where the corpse of the Tibetan people are cut into pieces and fed to the eagles and hawks. The uneaten bones are left here and there on the platform. On Langmusi town, it has a famous small western food restaurant Lisa's Restaurant. It serves apple pie, coffee, pan cake, fried eggs etc. For those foreigners who have stayed in China for a long time, it is a good place to taste some western food here. After the sightseeing, drive to Xiahe. We will drive on the endless grassland on Southern Gansu grassland, the yak herds and sheep flocks are dotted on the green blanet-like prairy while some cloud is floating in the deep blue sky. Overnight: Xiahe Wangfu hotel.

Day 5: Xiahe-Tongren
Visit Labrang monastery in the morning. Labrang tibetan monastery is one of the 6 most famous Tibetan buddhism yellow sect monastery. It occupies a large area hugged by mountain around. At 10am and 3Pm, an Englsih speaking Lama will lead the visitors to go inside the monastery and visit the palaces one by one. The young tibetan monks study in the halls without any distraction by the visitors. after the sightseeing, we will continue our driving to Qinghai Tongren. Overnight: Tongren Yunlong hotel.
Day 6: Tongren-Xining
Tongren, Repkong in Tibetan language, is a Tibetan autonomous region in Qinghai province. It is famous for Repkong art which features Tibetan Tangka and paintings. The paintings of local Tibetans are vividly and delicate most of what are related  with the Buddhism stories. Besides of this, we will visit some monasteris of Tongren, the Upper Wutun monastery and the down Wutun monastery, and the  thousand years old Longwu temple. Drive to Xining in the afternoon, on the way, we will see the upper reach of China's monter river-the Yellow river, it is hard to believe that the water in the upper reach of the Yellow river is so clear.


Private Tour Prices (Based on per person and shown in RMB,see the exchange rate here)

Group size
Travelers &above
Apr.2018-Oct.2018 11588 8280 6566 1180 -
Remark:All the prices shown here are by the minimu size of the group, for instance, the price for 2-5 people is worked out for 2 persons only, if you have more than 2 but less than 5 perosns in the group, the price will be lower than what's publised here.
Service included
* private tour include Entrance fee .
* private tour have the local best hotel available
* private tour have private English tour guide.
* private tour have private car with seasoned tour driv
Service excluded
*All the Meals(hotel with the breakfast),
*Travel Insurance
*Your personal expenses ,such as shopping.


1.The temperature varies greatly and sunshine can be very strong, please bring jackets, sunburn cream, medicine for altitude sickness etc.
2.As we travel in Tibet area where the economy much more backward than other place, the diversity food is limited,so we suggest you order food by yourself or take some solid food.Most of local restaurant only can offer the simple Sichuan and Tibetan Dish.
3.The price is just for 1 bed in a standard room, if you want to occupy a whole room you should pay the single supplement for the other bed.
4.For avoiding the altitude sickness, please don`t do violent exercises, drink more water and rest as much as possible after sightseeing.
5.We suggest you don`t go outside of your hotel during the night.
6.Most of the time you will enjoy the beautiful views in the car, and the driving hours are very long in this tour.
7.Tourists should take the high plateau altitude into consideration, if unexpected accident(injury, death etc.) happen, the Insurance Company will compensate according to the regulations not our company.
8.Aba and Ganzi prefecture is short of water, some hotels can not provide enough hot water for bathing but you won't have problems in cleaning your mouth and face.
9.Minor program changes sometimes are necessary, depending on road conditions, weather and availability of room.
10.Valid timePrices are valid all year round.
11. Health consultation from your doctor before you come to highland(Over than 3000M).......

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