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Question and Answers of Panda Volunteer Work Tour

What is the favour if do volunteer work in Wolong National Natural Reserve?
In general, if working in the Panda Center, then you can have more time to view the giant panda bear activity such as mother playing with baby panda bear, panda cub sukling, holding for play, panda sleeping in tree, hanging up in the tree, struggle each other, climbing up, eating, napping etc..

What kind of volunteering work to do?
The three kinds of volunteers work are provided by Wolong club, the assistant of panda keeper, the clerk of Wolong Panda Club and the interpreter of Panda Garden.

What does the volunteer do?
All the volunteers will have a short trainning before they start to work. And there is one keeper would become your teacher, and please do what the teacher ask you to do.
The assistant of panda keeper.
a). Clean the bedroom and the garden for the giant panda.
c). Prepare food, such as carrot, apples, panda bread and biscuit. Also carry the bamboo.
d). Sometimes you should help the scientists to collect the behavior data.
e). Sometimes, you should help the veterinary to do the medicine care for the panda.

The clerk of Wolong Panda Club
a). The typist, help the staff type the documents.
b). The translator, translate the web pages, and some daily documents.
c). The web designer, help the staff design and develop the website.

The interpreter of panda garden
a). Introduce the giant panda research, such as: the breeding, hand-rearing, Husbandry, enrichment and so on.
b). Introduce the giant panda research cooperation, such as: with The States, Japan, Austria, Thailand and so on, also the development of all of these co-operations.
c). Introduce all the giant pandas, the different habit, behavior, experience of each giant panda.
d). Introduce all the buildings and their function.
e). Tell the stories of the giant panda for the visitors.

How do I take volunteering tour in Wolong or project?
You need send us all necessary documents and information including Passport copy, Self-introduction letter about yourself on this project and other volunteer experience, Healthy certificate from a normal hospital, members in your party and accurate date to arrival and duration days, then we can apply the permit for you. We will confirm back to you after everything is fine!

Before you send us the above document and information, please ask for the physical examination record Form from us first. As to the Healthy Body Certificate, it certify that you have not any history of infectious disease, and certify your body healthy now, the aim is to keep pandas away from any virus away. So after your body examination, youd better keep your body healthy, as healthy as your volunteering. Please bring your healthy certificate when you do volunteering work.

We keep the right to postpone your time to volunteer if some important project to be done in Reserve or too busy to arrange your volunteering.
And there are assistants to direct you while you do voluntary work in Reserve, we suggest you to bring some gifts to these assistants.

Any language problem?
If in laboratory or researching house, as well as tourist volunteering work under the guidance and direction of local feeder or keeper, usually no problem.

Can children join?
Yes, any child can do volunteering work, but better with adults if under 12years old. And the cost is the same as adult for children.

How about meals?
If in local reserve staff restaurant, then cost about 3-10USD/day; if in local hotel, then cost about 8-40USD/day; if in the wild, then cost about 10-20USD/day. Local Chinese style food.

Can we do voluntary panda tour longer or shorter?
Yes. We can adjust it to meet your needs. The voluntary work can last from 1 day to 30+ days.

Healthy Body Certificate?
Issued by your doctor with his or her signature in official paper.

Can I hold or take panda in lap for photo or picture?
Yes, you can. Please check with your guide in advance.

What is the voluntary cloth (lab coat) rental?
Extra cost 150RMB/p.p. for lab coat (voluntary cloth).

Can I get a voluntary certificate?
Yes, it is included in our quotation.

What is the Office Time?
01 May - 30 Sep: 08:00-11:00, 14:00-17:30
01 Oct - 30 Apr: 08:30-11:30, 13:30-17:00

What is the volunteering Time?
Working hours for volunteer depend on yourself.

How about illness?
You can visit the pandas and hiking if you can stand while you are in illness, but you can touch pandas, and you can do volunteering if in illness.

Can I interact or pet pandas?
Yes, just take our volunteering panda tour, and ask our experienced guide to arrange it, but cost extra from 100USD to 250USD (donation) with petting time from 3 minutes to 5 minutes.

Internet Application available?
Yes, you can use the internet & computer at the noon time in the Club House for all our arranged volunteering tourists, as well as you can have a rest in the Club House for the noon time. Also you access internet with computers in Wolong hotel, but cost extra about 1USD per hour. No wireless access internet in Wolong.

How about the noon time if stay in Wolong hotel?
You can take internet and computer in the Club House, as well as have panda magazine and other reading materials for you to share your noon time in the 2nd floor of Club House. But if you stay in Panda inn hotel, you can go back about 5 minutes to your room for noon rest!

Volunteer Safety Announcements and Voluntary Security Agreement for Wolong Panda Volunteering Tour:
Volunteer Safety Announcements & Working Regulation (for your reference only)
1,  Volunteers must wear the required attire and gloves, and follow their  teachers?(or assistant or feeder, or the expert, or the staff) instructions while working.
2, Pandas are carnivores and be violent and attack humans. Volunteer do not touch the panda or close the panda in 1 meters if without the permit from the teacher or the assistant or feeder (breeder).
3, All feeders (teacher) have good relationship with the pandas after long time interact with them, and you are strangers to the pandas, so do it only under the permit of assistant.
4, Volunteering cannot have any types of professional filming devices while working. And you can use consumer-level cameras to take pictures of any parts of the working process when it does not interfere with work.
5, Smoking is not allowed.
6, More regulation subject to your signed before volunteering in Wolong.

Volunteer Security Agreement (for your reference only)
1, Before working, you will be trained briefly by the staff: husbandry operational (breeding, feeding etc) rugulation, husbandry skills and safety requirements.
2, A professional breeder or feeder or keeper will work with your together for all times as a guidance and direction to you!
3, 20USD/p.p. for the voluntary cloth rental, and you must return back the voluntary cloth rental after finished your volunteering work.
4, You must learn the husbandry operational regulation, husbandry skiils and safety requirments.
5, You must do your security when both working and not working.
6, All times you must accompanied by the local assistant or breeder or feeder.
7, You do not take photo while working.
8, You must signed an agreement before your volunteering.


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