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Talking about the long head knock

Knock long head of Tibetan Buddhism in popular areas, believers and followers of a pious intercession ceremony.

In various parts of the road leading to Lhasa, people from time to time to see the faithful from the beginning of the distant homeland, hand carry protective gear knee rider, formerly pegged to a fur clothing, dust cladding along the road, not afraid of hard to 10,000 from 1,000, a knock steps, or plot, or Jinian and making pilgrimages to Lhasa, the acquaintance March 5% have teams in the common values of the disclaimer, and the devout visit to the venue. A distant past, the faithful pilgrims empty hands, clothing grain is not available, along beggars. Today's general is a specially followers clothing grain, for the first knock-followers of the logistical aspects, such as food, clothing and housing to facilitate companions, and this person should not replace other long head knock. The long head and knock the believers were scrupulous not to use the lazy approach is not to reduce the exhaustion, the event staggered four suspended kowtow or for any reason, crossed or stone to mark the plot, this letter and persistence relying on a strong faith, the Holy City of Lhasa step trend.

Knock on the road had long head, the believers to follow the procedure : first from Rissho posture mouth them and the sixth over as the core truth, read 'Holy Three microphones ankles,' Indian Esoteric Buddhism is the 'real gem' (Han seems often to Buddhist chanting the 'South-Amida' dilemma Solution of Buddhist terminology), while studying at sixth relentlessly while their hands together and then step; to clap hands, moved in front, then step; clap hands moved chests, and the third step-step, hands away from the chest, with the ground parallel predecessor, the palm parallel to stoop to knee, first, systemic stoop, Qingkou forehead to the ground. Then stand up and start Minute ago, in the process, mouth and hands and the sixth relentlessly with the Voice of continuous sunset.

There is a place for the first knock-on palaces within or external. The leaders and followers front of a carpet shop or blankets, remain constant in real long head, but not infantry, I road with the long head knock, or prayer, or pray God bless disaster because of different psychological will, which still belonged to nobody Habitat; Catholics believe in the practice Buddhism, a person to knock at least ten thousand times . Kowtow barefoot, said only pious.

Another is an around the temples, according to a clockwise direction from the main entrance of the temple, the road-side temples kowtow, is a knock-step, and around the Temple; Temple lateral or forward into the knock, but also a knock-step, Song Chang Buddhist ceremony, the sixth to the truth more.

When the long head knock with the Tibetan Buddhism, with the Han people kowtow inextricably linked. The ceremony is a manifestation of China's feudal society's use of the longest, most harassment of a basic courtesy. 'Zhou Chun official Ogafuri' documented nine Bai Li : 'joss on the 1st and the 2nd kowtow, the first space on the 3rd ...', the Chou Dynasty far this courtesy has been mature and widely promoted. 'God waist and stocks and into potential danger to those who kneel, Guier benefits to its respectful to the first to to worship.' Literally kneeling is sufficient momentum into danger - that the person in question was, who bowed at physical insecurity again, the first state to prove to be merely a person without the need to prevent harm; Thanks, from its Italy and the view of this is that it is merely a person to be bowed and said modestly, demise, ready to be controlled by others, who stoop low visual, hands drooped to succumb to the boss - is self-evident. Only in 1912 after the Revolution of 1911, Dr. Sun Yat-sen before announcing the abolition of Monarch between worship rites.

Tang and Tubo, and they revealed the two outstanding ethnic larger learn from each other. Knock-Tau, should be 'DUNSHOU, even Clothes also' has followed, in Buddhist Granville response, the believers to show their faith devout, and the ceremony will be more a manifestation of harassment, and with systemic stoop to the Internet, and playing succumb. Slowly, this ceremony is not only in the religious sphere be extended, but all sectors of society to be generally accepted and used.

This sowing devout, life without life also agreed to the workers without ceremony, with the development of society will ultimately only a historical phenomenon only.

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