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How to get to Lijiang

How to get to Lijiang?

By Air

Lijiang Airport (LJG) is located about 28 kilometers (about 17.4 miles) to the south of Lijiang City, having an elevation of about 2242.6 meters (about 7357.6 feet). The airport was constructed in 1995, and now is one of the busiest mid-sized airports in Yunnan Province. Currently, there are connections from Kunming, Xishuangbanna, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen and Guiyang. However, most visitors prefer to fly to Kunming first, then get to Lijiang by air or by long-distance bus. Kunming Wujiaba International Airport provides more domestic and international services.

When you arrive at Lijiang Airport, travel to the city is by airport shuttle bus or taxi. The shuttle buses run between the airport and the civil aviation ticket office in Lantian Hotel. The fare is about CNY15 per person. From there you can get to the Old Town by taxi for CNY10. The bus journey takes about half an hour. Alternatively, you can travel to the Old Town directly by taxi for about CNY80.

 By Long-distance Bus

At present, the most convenient way to reach Lijiang City is by bus. Located at the interface of Yunnan, Sichuan provinces and Tibet, Lijiang has set up a relatively complete highway system extending in all directions. It is easy for visitors to travel between Lijiang and other tourist destinations of Yunnan Province, such as Kunming, Dali and Shangri-La. Additionally, there are regular buses running between Lijiang and Panzhihua of Sichuan Province everyday.

There are four coach stations in Lijiang serving scheduled long-distance buses daily.
Lijiang Transport Service Center Bus Station is located at Changshui Road to the southwest corner of Lijiang Old Town. The No.1 and No.3 city buses can take you to the station directly. At present, it has the most bus lines and has opened several ticket offices in Lijiang City. Here is some detail for reference:
Lijiang --> Kunming: Day buses depart hourly from 08:20 to 11:20. The fare is between CNY153 and CNY 180. It will take you about 8 hours to reach Kunming City. On the other hand, there are night sleeper buses leaving here at 18:30, 19:00, 19:30, 20:00, 20:30 and 20:40 with a fare of about CNY139. The whole journey is about 10 hours.
Lijiang --> Dali: About every 30 minutes, a bus departs to Dali with the fare ranging from CNY35 to CNY50.
Lijiang --> Shangri-La: Buses leave at 07:30, 8:00, 09:00, 10:30, 12:00, 12:30, 13:30, 14:30, 15:00 and 16:00. The fare is about CNY35 per person.
Lijiang --> Tiger Leaping Gorge: Every morning, a bus departs to Tiger Leaping Gorge for CNY24 per person. It returns to Lijiang at about 13:30 to 15:00, so you'd better ask the driver for the exact time in advance. The whole journey will take you about 3 hours.
Lijiang --> Lugu Lake: At 9:30 am, an express leaves for Lugu Lake for CNY60. The returning bus usually departs at 10:00 am costing CNY50. The journey takes about seven hours.
Lijiang --> Panzhihua: Buses depart at 07:10, 07:30, 07:50, 08:20, 11:00, 13:30 and 18:00. The fare is CNY45 to CNY68.
Lijiang Tourism Bus Station is close to Naxi Hotel in Changshui Road, with expresses to Kunming for CNY153 and Dali for CNY50 at 08:30, 09:00 and 10:30.
Lijiang Express Bus Station is in Shangri-La Avenue, mainly serving Kunming at present.
Lijiang Guluwan Bus Station is near Heilongtan Park in the north of the Old Town. Buses to Kunming, Shangri-La, Daju and Xiaguan of Yuannan Province as well as Panzhihua of Sichuan Province are available here.

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