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Garments and Accessories in Jiuzhaigou


Tibetan costume features loose waist, long sleeve and big front. People wear fur coats for festivals and big occasions. Color is determined by religious factors, with white, yellow and red most popular. Tibetan costume is mainly composed of Tibetan robe and Tibetan-styled shirt.

Tibetan Robe
tibetan robeLoose and big, the robe is usually longer than your height. There are complicated procedures to wear. The man gets into it, holds high the robe, lets the lap dropping down the knees, and ties a girdle around the waist. You will only use one left sleeve, and your right arm is exposed out of the robe for convenience of farm work. In hot days, they expose both arms and pull the collar down to the waist. At this moment, men look even more handsome and swellish.

Tibetan-Style Shirt
One of its features is that the left shoulder is higher than the right. There are buttons or colored ribbons on the armpits to fasten the shirt. Men wear white shirts, and women the allover ones. Generally speaking, men's shirts have a high collar, while the ladies' are turn-down dollars with long sleeves.

People of Jiuzhaigou are dainty about their headpieces, chest wears, jewelry, waistheadpiece adornments, and shoes. On big occasions, ladies will put on their best headpieces, earrungs, and silver coins on pigtails. Their head is smooth and lubricous, and they appear splendid. Well-dressed girls are often targets of young men's gazes.

Necklaces are welcome by both men and women, as well as bracelets and fingers rings. Metal coins and gems hang on the back of ladies, while men like to wear broadswords, pipes, neck articles, silver coins, and other ornaments.


Of various styles of the Tibetan hat, the commonest is a felt hat. In the middle of the last century, western hats were introduced and have been in fashion in Tibetan-inhabited areas, today.

Boots are one of the top favors of Tibetans. Men or women, old or young, all wear boots like those of official and generals in traditional pageant dramas.

Tibetan costume is both practical and colorful, serving a means to demonstrate their wealth. A fine set of clothes may cost over 10,000 or tens of thousands RMB.


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