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Arts in Jiuzhaigou

The scenery of Jiuzhaigou has won an international reputation. In 1992, Dr.Rocas paid his first visit to Jiuzhaigou. A New Zealand naturalist who has traveled extensively over places of scenic interest around the world, he highly commended Jiuzhaigou, 'It is place of fascinating beauty and wonder. It is the greatest honor of my life to enjoy it.' It is this land that gives birth to the unique Tibetan art.

Sculptors work on clay, wood, stone, root, bamboo and metal, for buildings and daily articles, for dragon lantern, lion dance and Tibetan dramas. Of a long history, the Tibetan sculpture demonstrates a strong artistic appeal.

Tibetan Painting
In Jiuzhaigou, paintings are seen everywhere, in temples and civilian houses. The painting generally has 8 auspicious pattern: magic umbrella, victor's stele, golden halo, double fish, magic bottle, white trumprt shell, and auspicious knot. Besides,painting other patterns can be printed on decorative paintings.

The Tibetan knife, the Tibetan paper, and the Tibetan joss stick are finest art wares passing down from over 1,000 years.

Tangka Drawing
An art treasure of Tibetan culture, it has a history of over 1,000 years, with strong ethnic and religious coloring. Drawing a Tangka is very complicated. The painting master has to meditate for several days before he starts, in order to calm down his temperament and sublime his accomplishment. The painters seldom write their names on Tangka, because their work is believed to be an act of devotion or cultivation. There are lots of procedures, and it often takes several months or even years to complete. All the Tangka Drawingpigments are naturally collected, including gold, silver, agate, pearl, vermilion, ochre, saffron, rubia root, and rhubarb. These pigments are grounded for many times into powder, and mixed with a bit of the bull's gall as antiseptic. Tibetan painters use high quality gold, or literally pure gold. To get the finese gold lustre, they use opals to rub smooth the spot where gold powder is applied, which is usually very expensive.

A high-quality Tangka is made of painstaking work of painters who represent the best combination of their religious enthusiasm and unusual willpower with finese craftsmanship. It embodies both the spiritual and artistic values far beyond ordinary expectation of artworks.

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