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How to get into tibet

y Plane For most of the tourists, the best way to Tibet is to take a plane. Gonggar airport, 95km(59mile) to Lhasa, you can take flights from Beijing, Chengdu(daily departure!), Chongqing, Xining, Xi`an, Zhongdian, and Kathmandu to Lhasa very easily. Traveling by air to Tibet will bring you unique and exciting experience. Just imagine that you are above the world highest snow and cloud clad peaks! However, since planes travel fast and there is little time for acclimatization.

Chuan-Tibet highway(Xinduqiao)
Chuan-Tibet highway(Jianzishan)
Chuan-Tibet highway(Litang)
By land For those who like adventure and challenge, rent a 4-wheel jeep to have an overland tour to Tibet is really a good choice.
Sichuan-Tibet Highway This highway is 2413 kilometers (1496 miles) long. The roads ply the uneven terrain over 14 mountains which average 4000-5000 meters (13120-16400 feet) high, and over a dozen of famous rivers such as Lantsang River (Mekong). The climate along the road presents beautiful scenery ranging from spring to winter. The road condition is not so good, however it`s worth doing with the unique scenery along the way.

Qinghai-Tibet Highway
starting from Golmud of Qinghai, Qinghai-Tibet highway is the only road provi bus service among the five highways and the main road to travel Tibet. It is 1160 kilometers (720 miles) long and averages 4000 meters (13120 feet) high, windering along Kunlun Mountains and vast grassland, which amaze people living in modern civilization.The bituminous road is the best road leading to Tibet.

Xinjiang-Tibet Highway Starting from Yecheng in Xinjiang, it runs 1455 kilometers (902 miles), windering its way among five mountains soaring more than 5000 meters (16400 feet) high above. A spectacular view of Mt. Kailash and Lake Manasarova overwhelm travelers while traveling along the road.
Yunnan-Tibet Highway It spans 800 kilometers (492 miles) to reach Markham, a less beaten track by travelers.
Chinese-Nepalese Highway It is another main road traveled often. It stretches 900 kilometers (558 miles) from Kathmandu to Shigatse and Lhasa.

Qinghai-Tibet highway
The small village along the way
Rebuilt highway
By Train Since Jul. 1st 2006,trains to Tibet were put into operation, now visitors have another way getting to Tibet. Chengdu-Tibet train goes for every two days,and the trains are also available in Beijing, Guangzhou, Xining and Shanghai.Apply for a Tibet permit plus a train tickets you can board the train from the above cities freely and enjoy a spectecular vies along Qinghai-Tipbet railway.

Here are some details:
Enter Tibet from Nepal or from Lhasa to Nepal Enter Tibet from Nepal that you have to go with a group which can be arranged by local travel agency in Tamel, Kathmandu. Dont try to obtain a Chinese Visa if you intead to enter Tibet from Nepal side, it will just waste your money, because enter to Tibet from Nepal side a regualr Chinese Visa is not effective. You should leave all the jobs to your travel agency and then enjoy your trip. Definitely its more expensive than travel from Tibet to Nepal, which is better because at least you can travel by your own down the Friendship Highway.
The bus took 18 hours to Zhangmu, and you can expect better exchange rate in this border town than in Kathmandu. From Zhangmu to border custom you need to walk for a while and can expect waiting in a long line.
Enter to Tibet from Qinghai From Qinghai to Tibet you can either take the train from Xining or catch a bus from Golmud. You are required to have 'Tibet Travel Permit'.

Enter to Tibet from Sichuan It is difficult to do the overland trip by your own from Chengdu to Lhasa though this route is considered as the best, however its possible to go with expensive 4WD tour.(travel agency helps you to arrange all the necessary permits that you need to have). Most of people get good deal and fly to Lhasa from Chengdu while some choose to take the train. You are required to have 'Tibet Travel Permit'.

Enter to Tibet from Yunnan You can fly from Zhongdian (Shangri-la) to Lhasa with a 'Tibet Travel Permit', or try the expensive 4WD tour.

Enter to Tibet From Kashgar, Xinjiang Urgur Autonomous Region This route is forbidden to travel by your own, the only way is to join a 4WD tour.(travel agency helps you to arrange all the necessary permits that you need to have).

Enter to Tibet From India/Sikkim and Bhutan

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