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Ganzi Khampa festival list

1.Kangding Hill race & Loving song festival 08th Apr
2.Tanggong grassland, Kangding Horse Race feistival 15th May
3.Danba Gyarong Beauty festival
4.Danba (Yuezha Town) Pilimarage to Holy Mt.Molto 10th Jul
5.Danba New Year Day of Gyarong Tibetan 12th Nov
6.Jiulong (Wuxu Lake) Sea-swin (Lake-siding) festival 4th June
7.Daofu (Xianshui Town) Anba festival 13th May TC
8.Daofu (Longding Town) Horse Race fair 13th May TC
9.Daofu (Yuke Grassland) Horse Race Fair 13th May TC
10.Luhe Fruit-seeing festival 19th Jun CC
11.Xinlong Guozhuang festival 02th Aug
12.Ganzi Autumn-welcome festival beginning of July
13.Sheda Golden horse festival 04th Jun TC
14.Sheda King Gesar Singing Festival 08th Aug TC
15.Lithang Horse Race festival 1st Aug
16.Lithang Rijiaojie (Day festival)for Tibetan Opera 6days (from 11th May)
17.Dege (Manigange) King Gesar Art Festival Aug
18.Dege Yanglie Festival 1st Jul TC
19.Daocheng (Dabpa) Guden festival Begin of Jul
20.Yading, Daocheng Yading folklore festival 1Oth
21.Xiangcheng Bamu Mountain festival
22.Shampala Culture & Art festival Begin of Oct 3rd
23.Siguniangshan, Xiaojing Mountain race festival (14th May)
24.Yajiang (Xi-Ele town) Weisam Festival July 3-7th
25.Bathang (Cuopu Valley) Cuopugou Feistival Jul 10th
26.Bathang Bathang Yanglie Festival Sep


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