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Chengdu Beautiful Ladies

The carefree life in Chengdu greatly benefits local women, who are generally of a sweet and charming nature. A Chengdu-based writer has portrayed Chengdu girls in this way: 'Chengdu girls sound delectable and tender, even when they are squabbling. Many of my friends are true Chengdu women. Despite having different dispositions and interests, they all radiate feminine charm.'

The same writer also made observations on Chengdu beauty: 'Chengdu is known for its pretty women, but Chengdu girls are not beauties in the traditional sense. Most of them are of small stature, with round faces and undistinguished features, but nevertheless have great charm due to their coquettish appeal. Such loveliness does not stem from delicacy or humility, but a kind of vigor and power that combines assertiveness and compromise.' She gives an example. One of her friends has a sharp tongue, and often inadvertently gives offense. One day, she argued with a colleague over a trifling matter, and exasperated him with her loquacity, but after half an hour, she felt sorry, and tried to make amends with the man, who was still simmering with rage. She passed by him, carrying a cup of lukewarm water, pretended to trip, and spilt the water over his arm, and hurried to dry his clothes with a tissue, making abject apologies. Inthe process of apologizing and fussing over this spilt water, all hostility faded away. This is Chengdu woman, charming, smart, and smooth. They may get it wrong at first, but eventually come through.

During their first days in Chengdu, visitors may wonder at the prettiness of the local girls, and the idleness of the local men, but they soon find out why this should be: good food, sound sleep, warm weather, rich resources, fertile land and low prices. In Chengdu even the smallest business can ensure a reasonable standard of life. This also explains why relaxation and mah-jong are so prevalent in this city.


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