Shunan Bamboo Forest Anyue and Chongqing Stone carving Tour

Tour Code:TSG-SNBF-0501
Start in:Chengdu     End in: Chongqing
Destinations:Chengdu-Anyue stone carving-Yibin-Shunan Bamboo Forest-Dazu stone carving-Chongqing

Tour Highlights

Relaxing in the green bamboo sea in Souther Sichuan area, your soul and body will be completely released from the noisy city life. You'll also get a chance breathing the fresh air in this green world. Anyue is known as the "hometown of rock carvings in China"."Ancient,Large quantity,Exequisite and High aesthetic value" are the words used to describe the rock carvings here. More than 100,000 differnt size and shape Buddha statues are scattered in 105 sites of this county which were carved from the 5th century to 11th century. Dazu Stone Carving, listed as the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, is another stone carving treasure in China.As the only world heritage of Chongqing municipality,Dazu stone carving attracts vistors home and abroad with its careful and exequisite work on the staues, it also reflects the social life of China's Tang and Song dynasties.
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Chengdu-Anyue
Leave Chengdu for Anyue in the moring. Anye is known as the 'Hometown of China Stone carving art', it has a history of stone carving forquite a few hundred years.
Anyue stone carving lasted from China's Southern and Northen dynasties in 5th century to Tang and Song dynasty in 11th century. The stone carvings are scattered here and there in Anyue county with more than 100,000 statues.
Overnight: Anyue hotel

Day 2: Anyue-Neijiang-Yibin
Visit Piludong cave in the morning, then drive to Yibin via Neijiang city in the afternoon, overnight at Yibin. Yibin is located on the upper reach of Yangtze river and is known as 'the first big city' on Yangtze, it is also the hometown of the famous Chinese liquor 'Wuliangye'.
Yibin Huarong Hotel.

Day 3: Yibin-Shunan bamboo forest
Drive to
Shunan Bamboo Forest which is compsed of 300 differnt kinds of bamboos and make this area a large green sea with bamboos.Visit Emerald Corridor, No Worry valley, Frog Lake, Waterfall Booth, Queen Temple, Emperor Temple, Long& Happy Life Temple, etc. Overnight: Shunanzhuhai Grand Hotel

Day 4: Shunanbamboo forest-Yibin-Dazu
After a free walking in the bamboo forest in the moring, we will go to Dazu and overnight there.
Hotel: Dazu Hotel.

Day 5: Dazu-Chongqing
Visit the Dazu Stone Carvings at Holy Summit(Baoding) and Beishan(Northen mountain). The stone carvings at Holy Summit is the best preserved and the most valuable art demonstration of Dazu stone carvings. The images of the buddha are vividly and the color of the statues are still fresh. It is said that this place, Dafu Wan(the buddha bay) is carefully selected by the sponsor Zhaozhifeng in Song dynasty, it is a good place to avoid the wind and water erosion, that's why the statues are kept such a long history of more than 1000 years yet not damaged even a little. Beishan Grottes(Northern mountain) is another place with very concentrated carved statues on the cliffs. The statues are carved vividly, color painted and with very large area. All the stagues are displayed well designded,carefully carved and nice looking. Drive to Chongqing in the afternoon where you can take a cruise on Yangtze river, end the trip.


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*All meals.
*Your personal expenses ,such as shopping.
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