One Day Tour to Sichuan Cuisine-Themed Museum

Tour Code:TSG-CD-0108
Start in:Chengdu     End in: Chengdu
Destinations:Sichuan Cuisine-themed Museum

Tour Highlights

Sichuan cuisine enjoys a time-honored history ans is well-reputed home and abroad.Sichuan cuisine is particular about ingredients,unified in standard,distinctive in arrangement,and vivid in coordination.From high-class banquet to ordinary meal,from street snack to home-made dishes,Sichuan cuisines is diversified in variety,novel in style,and elaborate in cooking. Sichuan Cuisine Museum is located in Gucheng Town of Pixian county,it is the only museum with the theme of cuisine and food culture in the world.The museum exhibits many historical culinary implements and discusses the development of Sichuan cuisine,and it is housed in a beautiful garden. This is a travel adventure designed for people who love to travel,cook,eat,and learn and want to have an unique experience in their lifetime.
Detailed Itinerary

Daily departure: The driver will come to pick you up from your hotel/hostel about 7:30am or 11:30Am, then drive about 1.5 hours to Sichuan cuisine museum located at Gucheng village PiXian county of ChengDu.

Activity 1- 9:50(13:50) Embark on a Journey of Sichuan Snacks 
Entering the museum, taste the Sichuan style stuffed pancake, northern Sichuan style jelly,  Toufu pudding, Zhong's dumpling, Sichuan pickle, Golden thread like noodles, etc.  

Activity 2- 10:00(14:00) Appreciate Cultural Relics and Tour a Sichuan Style Garden  
With the company of our professional Chuancais guide, learn about the development of Sichuan cuisine history and traditional culture by appreciating more than 6000 pieces of cultural relics, relax yourself in a beautiful classical Sichuan style garden of 27000 square meters.

Activity 3- 10:40(14:40) Get to know the Raw Ingredients for Chuancais       
Visit the organic vegetable garden and the roaming poultry, feel free to pick some organic vegetables; then, experience the traditional manufacturing techniques of flipping, sunburning and dewing to make Pixian chilly bean paste; taste Xuanzi pea jelly and experience the delicacy of the chilly bean paste. 

Activity 4- 10:55(14:55) Worship the Kitchen God 
Respected as the master of all Chinese chefs, the Kitchen God is one of the most important parts of Sichuan traditional folk culture. Sichuan Cuisine Museum has the biggest Kitchen God Ancestral Hall in the world. Worshiping him will remind us to cherish food and to establish harmonious coexistence with the nature. 

Activity 5- 11:10(15:20)Walk through the Street of Old Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants  
The Street of Old Sichuan Cuisine Restaurants has the reputation of being the panoramic representation of Sichuan cuisines. You can find famous Chuancais resturants like ChangShengYuan, ZuiXiaXuan, ZhenJiangLou, ZuiTaoCun and so on here in western Sichuan folk house style. 

Activity 6- 11:15(15:15) Process Chuancais Ingredients with Traditional Tools
First you'll get to identify all kinds of food processing tools. Make chili powder with pestle from the Qing Dynasty; experience making bean curd pudding with the grinding machine and taste delicious spicy or sweet bean curd pudding. 
*Involve yourself in the original food processing techniques
*Savor the delicacy made by yourself

Activity 7-  11:30(15:30)  Cook 3 Classic Chuancais Dishes 
Put on chef uniform, cooking three Sichuan dishes with the personal guidance of our Chuancais specialist, experience the excitement of Chuancais cooking with the firsthand experience from Chuancai's cutting skills, control of heat, cooking process with some secret tips to presentation. With an enjoyment to the senses of sight, smell, taste and touch, you may reach for the essential features of Chuancai, namely 'hundreds of dishes boast hundreds of flavors',  'blending of five basic flavors in a variety of ways may create myriads of flavors'. 
Our nationally-renowned Top Chef specializing in Chuancais will try and comment on your cooking personally, after which you will be awarded with the official certificate of 'Master of Chuancais'. 
Menus to choose from: A. Panda steamed dumpling, Kung Pao chicken, Mapo Tofu
B. Pumpkin steamed dumplings, Daqian dry-braised fish, boiled beef in chili sauce.  
Activity 8-  12:40(16:40)  Enjoy dishes cooked by yourself. 
Enjoying the delicious dishes cooked by yourselves, served with free fruits, red wine, alcohol with special pharmacological function brewed with traditional Chinese herbs, beverage, fruit and vegetable juice and covered tea, just to name a few. We will also give out the recipe of the dishes you have cooked and appreciate guests to fill out the feedback forms. 

Activity 9- 13:40(17:40) Finish with Tea and Leisure, drive back to Chengdu. 
After all the hard work and excitement, you'll relax and experience the life of a 'Chengduer': Sitting in bamboo chairs and sipping tea from a traditional Chinese teacup set in the tea house, you can either have some snacks like peanuts and sun flower seeds or play several rounds of Mahjong, the favorite pastime here, then go back to Chengdu.




Private Tour Prices (Based on per person and shown in RMB,see the exchange rate here)

Group size
Travelers &above
All year round 680 680 680 - 680
Remark:All the prices shown here are by the minimu size of the group, for instance, the price for 2-5 people is worked out for 2 persons only, if you have more than 2 but less than 5 perosns in the group, the price will be lower than what's publised here.
Service included
1.The main entrance tickets;
2.Transportation:car or minivan depending on the number of tourists;
3.Certified private English-speaking guide;
4.All the cooking experience
5.One lunch;
6.Travel insurance
Service excluded
1.Hotel rooms;
2.Tips to the guide and driver;
3.Your personal expenses such as shopping,entertainment

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