Sichuan Tibetan and Qiang Minoirty 10 days Tour

Tour Code:SC-MT-01
Start in:Chengdu     End in: Chengdu

Tour Highlights

There are more than 20 nationalities living in Sichuan province among which Tibet and Qiang are 2 largest groups.Tibetan people are mainly living in northwest Sichuan Aba and Ganzi area bordering Qinghai-Tibet plateau. Tibetan people in Aba area are called Jiarong Tibetan while Ganzi Tibetan people are called Khampa Tibetans. Qiang nationality is said to be the olest minority in China.Most of them live in northwest SIchuan, such as Lixian county,Maoxian county and Beichuan county.This tour will impress you with the most authentic Tibet and Qiang minority customs...
Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in Chengdu
The tour guide from Travel Sichuan Guide will meet you at the airport when you arrive. Go to visit the Minority Museum of Southwest Nationality Univeristy. Overnight in Chengdu. Hotel:
Caesarean Hotel (Dilun Hotel)

Day 2: Chengdu-Kangding.
Leave Chengdu in the morning by car, we will put the bikes into the vehicle. We will drive across Ya'an county known as China's Rain City. Ya'an city is famous for its three wonders'Yaan Rain'(there are more than 200 rainy days each year of Yaan), 'Yaan Fish'(it is a sepcial kind of fish living in Qingyi river of Ya'an, its skull looks like a sword.)''Ya'an Girls'(Most of the girls here are nice-looking because of the mild climate, no strong sunshine, the humid and fresh air nurtures the grils here.)
Then drive through the 4176 meters long  tunnel of Mt.Elang which used to be the first difficult pass on the way to Tibet. The weather at the entrance and exit of this tunnel is very different, usually, sunny this side but cloudy or rainy the other. Drive along Dadu river and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery. Arrive in Kangding, the Hometown of Love Song. Overnight:
Love Song hotel.

Day 3: Kangding-Xinduqiao-Tagong
Experience the local customs in Lucheng town (Kangding). It used to be a typical Tibetan city with a lot of Khampa tibetan people gatering here.Nowadays, with the development of economy, more and more Chinese live here, but still, the city is in Tibetan style. Drive across Zheduo mountain pass(4,800m) to Xinduqiao Town-'the paradise of photographers', its beautiful natural view including the snow capped mountains, the crystal clear streams, colorful trees and grassland, the yak and sheep herds. Continue driving to Tagong town, this is a small tibetan town where we can see all the people there are tibetans except for some of the merchants.Visit Tagong Temple and excursion in Tagong Grassland, then, go to Danba.
Danba Castle(Gubao) Hotel.

Day 4: Danba-Xiaojin
Danba is a tibetan county too, it is very well located at the converging point of several rivers. Compared with other counties in Sichuan Ganzi area, its altitude is much lower. Drive to Suopo Town to visit old Stone Towers(watchtowers or Diaolou). It is a construction miracle that all of the ancient towers have been stading there for more than 1,000 years. Without modern construction material, how could people make it so long ago? After this, we'll go to visit Jiaju Tibetan Village which is said to be the most beautiful village in China, where we can enjoy a tibetan family lunch and tibetan dancing show as well.In the afternoon, we will drive to Badi Town and visit the Badi Tusi (Tibetan Officially) Village, Have a Glimpse of Mt.Meter.Go to Xiaojin County for overnight.
Hotel: Xiaojin Hotel.

Day 5: Xiaojin-Markam County
Xiaojin county in Sichuan is famous for its apples. Apples here are cruispy and sweet, probabaly we can buy some and eat them on the way to Markam. Visit Zuokeji Tibetan Official Village and the Stone Tower. Zuokeji Tibetan village used to be the manor of a Tibetan tribe leader(Tusi), now, it becaomes a film base, some Chinese films and Tv plays were photographed here. Overnight:
Markam Jiarong Hotel.

Day 6: Markham-Miyaluo
Leave Markham, the capital city of SIchuan Aba Tibetan and Qiang minoirty autonomous prefecture. We will enjoy the beautiful landscape from grassland to forests,from snow peaks to crystal streams util we get to Miyaluo town. Miyaluo is fmous for its hot spring and the red leaves in autumn. We will stop here for a nice hot spring. Overnight: Miyaluo Bipeng hotel or similar class hotel.

Day 7: Miyaluo-Lixian-Maoxian
Leave Miyaluo for Toaping Qiang minority Village via Lixian county.Taoping Qiang minority village is known as the Living Fossile of Qiang Minoirty construction art. With its over 2,000 years history, Taoping Qiang minority village is regarded as the oriental construction miracle. Actually, the village is not only for living but also for military defense. Overall, the whole village is a compound castle. The people here are all Qiang minoirty people.Then, go to Maoxian Overnight: Maoxian Hotel.

Day 8: Maoxian Trekking
Maoxian is a Qiang minority autonomous county, the Qiang nationality people are seen everywhere on the street. Trekking to Heihu Qiang minority Village (Qiang minority village, stone tower), Sanyuanqiao (3 old bridges by Qiang people), Overnight: Maoxian Hotel.

Day 9: Maoxian-Dujiangyan irrigation system-Chengdu
After breakfast, we'll drive to visit Dujiangyan Irrigation system via Wenchuan county where the 5.12 earthquake epic center is located at. The world cultural heritage-Dujiangyan irrigation system was built in China's Warring States period. It still irrigates the farming lands of Chengdu plain nowadays. The whole project was  scienfically designed and well organized. It is a compositive project not only used to irrigate farming lands but also to discharge the flood of Minjiang river. Continue drivng to chengdu. Overnight: Caesarean Hotel(Dilun Hotel).

Day10: Chengdu Departure.
Leave Chengdu for the airport and end your Sichuan minority tour.


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