Xichang Yi Minority Toch Festival Tour 2010 [SC-MT-02] Xichang Yi Minority Toch Festival Tour 2010
Trip Highlights:Visit and take part in this unique international torch fesitval of Yi minoirty people(Yizhu ethnic group).Dancint and singing with them, visitors will be deeply attracted by their special lifestyle an...  
Sichuan Wanglang Nature Reserve and Chengdu Panda Base 5 days Tour [SCP-0501] Sichuan Wanglang Nature Reserve and Chengdu Panda Base 5 days Tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Mianyang-Pingwu-Baima village-Wanglang Nature Reserve
Trip Highlights:Walang Reserve, Pingwu town and Baima minority, Giant Panda Information Center, Chengdu Panda Base....  
West Sichuan 8 days Cycling [SC-CT-05] West Sichuan 8 days Cycling
Destinations:Chengdu-kangding-Xinduqiao-Tagong-Bamei-Danba-Luding-Hailuogou glacier park-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Cycling in West Sichuan area is a challenge to those cyclists,riding on the plateau averagely 3,500m high is a tough job. However, "no pains no gains", this bike riding trip will be your life long mem...  
Sichuan Tibetan and Qiang Minoirty 10 days Tour [SC-MT-01] Sichuan Tibetan and Qiang Minoirty 10 days Tour
Trip Highlights:There are more than 20 nationalities living in Sichuan province among which Tibet and Qiang are 2 largest groups.Tibetan people are mainly living in northwest Sichuan Aba and Ganzi area bordering Qing...  
Sichuan Gourmet 5 days tour [SC-FT-01] Sichuan Gourmet 5 days tour
Destinations:Chengdu-Giant panda center-Wuhou shrine-Cooking college-Wangjian park(Bamboo park)-Weshu monastery
Trip Highlights:Many travelers know Sichuan cuisine for its "hot and spicy" flavors or a few of its most famous dishes, but that is only the beginning.Sichuan cuisine is legendary in China for its sophistication and ...  
E'mei Trekking 5 days [SC-TT-03] E'mei Trekking 5 days
Destinations:Chengdu-Leshan Buddha-Mt.emei-Qingyin pavilion-Elephant bathing pool-Golden Summit-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Attractions: Leshan Great Buddha, Golden Summit of Mt.Emei, Sichuan Opera face changing ...  
Trekking from Lugu Lake to Yading Nature Reserve [SC-TT-04] Trekking from Lugu Lake to Yading Nature Reserve
Destinations:Lijiang old town-Lugu Lake-Yak farm-unknown grassland-Tongtian river-kawa village-Lusi grassland-Kasi village-Kasi yak farm-yading
Trip Highlights:Lijiang Old Town-Lugu lake-Yak Farm-unknown Grassland-Tongtian River-Kawa Village-Lusi Grassland-Kasi Village-Kasi Gorge-Kasi Yak Farm- Chonggu Monastery¨CDaocheng¨CLitang¨CKangding-Chengdu ...  
Sichuan Minya Konka Mountain 13 days Trekking [SC-TT-01] Sichuan Minya Konka Mountain 13 days Trekking
Trip Highlights:Rising to a height of 7,556 meters (24,784 feet), Mt. Gongga towers above all the other mountains of Sichuan Province, thus earning it the moniker, "King of Sichuan Mountains." This 12-day high-altitu...  
Chengdu Panda Base Baoguang monastery and Sanxingdui 3 days cycling [SC-CT-04] Chengdu Panda Base Baoguang monastery and Sanxingdui 3 days cycling
Destinations:Chengdu-Panda Center-Baoguang monastery-Guanghan Sanxindui cultural relics-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Riding your bikes freely to visit the lovely pandas. Visit one of the famous buddhist monasteries in Sichuan-Baoguang(Preciou Light) monastery.Go to discover the secrets of ancient Sichuan culture dem...  
Chengdu Luodai old town 1 day cycling [SC-CT-03] Chengdu Luodai old town 1 day cycling
Destinations:Chengdu-Luodai old town-Chengdu
Trip Highlights:Luodai old town is famous for the old buildings, the black stone street and the Hakka culture.During China's Ming and Qing Dynasty, large amount of Hakka people from nowaday's Fujian and Gudong provi...  
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